Actor Billy Dee Williams joins Bill Maher

Iconic Hollywood actor Billy Dee Williams joined Bill Maher on the Club Random with Bill Maher podcast to discuss a wide range of topics.

During the conversation, the topic of actors engaging in ‘black face’ came up.

Williams shared that he refuses to give it any weight because he does not wish to “go through life feeling like, ‘I’m a victim’.”

Williams discussed his personal relationship with legendary actor Laurence Olivier and their conversation about Olivier and the 1965 film adaptation of Shakespeare’s play Othello.

He recalled, “I remember saying, ‘Have you ever thought about playing Othello?’ And he said, ‘No. Yeah, I thought about playing Othello, but I always see – do you remember (Old Man River singer) Paul Robeson?”

“When he finally did it, he did in black face. He wanted to do it but he always had this vision (of Othello) with Robeson’s (a black man) stature and voice. So finally, when he did it, he filmed – I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the performance, if you ever get a chance, it’s really interesting.”

“He did something that – he was known to be a bit outrageous,” he continued. “Olivier was more physical. He got criticized a lot for being physical and doing things with his voice that was a bit outrageous. But when he did Othello, I fell out laughing. He stuck his ass out and walked around with his ass – because black people are supposed to have big asses. I fell out laughing. I thought it was hysterical. I loved it. I loved it. I love that kind of stuff. Yes. Who doesn’t?!”

A surprised Maher challenged, “I agree, okay, but here’s the thing: Today, I mean, they would never let you do that.

“Why? Why not?” Williams responded. “I mean, [actor Paul Muni] and I used to talk about this all the time. Muni was the one, the first person that I worked with in those years, who said to me, ‘As an actor, you should be able to do – whatever you think you can do you should be able to do it.’”

Maher replied, “But again, not to bring up your sore point, but you actually lived in a period where you couldn’t play the part you should have played.”

“But it didn’t matter,” said Williams.

“And that’s a great attitude, but it still did happen,” Maher pushed back.

“Of course it happened!” Williams replied, “But the fact is that you discuss it, anybody can talk about it, means it was happening. But the point is, that you don’t go through life feeling like ‘I’m a victim’.”

He concluded, “I mean, I refuse to go through life saying to the world, ‘I’m pissed off.’ I’m not going to be pissed off 24 hours a day.”

(Time Stamp: 54:52)

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