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Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is famous in the U.S. Senate for his incisive wit and dry sense of humor. He has displayed these talents during his time as an elected official, whether by stumping unqualified Biden nominees or in interviews with reporters.

During a Senate Budget Committee hearing on Wednesday, a radical-left climate professor named Geoffrey Supran became his latest victim over posts he made on X/Twitter. As the Daily Caller reported, Budget Chairman Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) had invited Supran, an associate professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Miami, to testify as a so-called “expert” on “Denial, Disinformation, and Doublespeak: Big Oil’s Evolving Efforts to Avoid Accountability for Climate Change.”

The Daily Caller notes that Supran, in December, retweeted several posts by a group called Climate Defiance, including one targeting Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV). As the Gateway Pundit reported, the group claimed victory after calling Manchin a “sick f**k” during a March meeting at the Harvard Kennedy School despite one of their protesters getting leveled after interrupting the event.

BREAKING: we just called Joe Manchin a sick fuck. We humiliated him in front of a herd of Harvard elites. He squared up. We held firm. Barbaric murderer, hideous fiend, he torches humanity and laughs.

— Climate Defiance (@ClimateDefiance) March 1, 2024

After exposing the connection between Supran and Climate Defiance, The Caller reports Kennedy grilled him on the Manchin reposts along with ones calling Senator Lisa Murkowski (RINO-AK) a “murderer” in April and telling Exxon CEO and Chairman Darren Woods to “eat sh*t” in December. Supran responded by denying responsibility, which brought derisive scorn from Kennedy.

“I’m not responsible for the statements of other people,” Supran said.

“Nice group you’re hanging around with, doc. Here’s what your tweet says,” Kennedy sneered. He then read a despicable December 14 tweet, the first Supran endorsed by the organization.

We do not do online petitions. We do not do NGO coalition letters. We do not do f**king bus stop ads.

We CHASE fossil fuel CEOs and the politicians who do their bidding. And we do not apologize.

We do not do online petitions. We do not do NGO coalition letters. We do not do fucking bus stop ads.

We CHASE fossil fuel CEOs and the politicians who do their bidding. And we do not apologize.

— Climate Defiance (@ClimateDefiance) December 14, 2023

After reading more vile tweets, the professor tried to distance himself again by saying these were not his words despite posting the group’s statements on his X account.

Kennedy then delivered the finishing blow to Supran toward the end of the hearing after he again tried to dissociate himself from the posts lamely and accused Kennedy of defaming his character. But Kennedy blew him up with one final question: Are you gonna call me a sick f**k?!”

Not even Whitehouse’s attempted intervention could save Supran.


John Kennedy is a national treasure

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) May 1, 2024

SUPRAN: May I please see the document?

KENNEDY: Yes, sir. Hand the witness his documents.

WHITEHOUSE: The Senator’s time has expired, and there are other senators waiting.

KENNEDY: Oh, I’ve got a bunch more tweets. Thank you for your objective advice (sarcasm)…I’d like to submit all of the good doctor’s tweets and “scientific analysis” for the record.

WHITEHOUSE: Without objection.

SUPRAN: May I clarify one final point? These are not my tweets. These are retweets.

KENNEDY: Oh, you often retweet stuff you don’t support. Is that what you’re telling me, doc?

SUPRAN: I did not say that I do not support this. I simply did not tweet it, which you were alleging. I’d like to make very clear that this is a form of character assassination characteristic of propaganda techniques-

KENNEDY: You retweeted it, didn’t you!? Are you going to call me a sick f**k?!


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