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For the first time in history, Gold surpassed $2200/oz. More than twice the value it reached after the 2008 Crisis, when it first hit $1000. A hundredfold increase since a hundred years ago.

The reason? Inflation.

As the Fed continues printing money while worshiping their Modern Monetary Theory gods…

“In God We Trust” gets slowly erased off our dollar, together with its value.

So gold’s relative value keeps increasing.

“The track record of gold speaks for itself,” says Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group. He’s right. Few asset classes can compare with gold’s steady gains. Precious metals are precious by definition.

In fact, every Book of the Bible talks about gold’s value. So it’s no surprise that it’s maintained that value across all of human history.

But what else can the Bible teach us about investing?

Genesis Gold Group believes in Faith-Driven Stewardship of your savings, where scripture can provide valuable insights.

Such as the nature of conflict. Between real value, stability, wealth… and how unnatural paper money is at odds with human nature.

Central banks printing more and more money, to then share with their cronies, has been a reality for a long time. Kings would debase their currency and mint new coins with a smaller gold content. It is the same today.

Fake money pushes men to invest poorly. It leads to bigger busts in the economy, and loss of faith within the population.

The only issue is knowing how to invest the right way.

It’s easy to be led astray. There are many who would use this opportunity to take advantage of people and keep most of the gains for themselves. Your best bet is to get informed and only work with those you can trust.

Fortunately, Genesis Gold Group provides a direct path to both.

“We believe in two things,” says Rose. “We serve God and we serve our customers. We may not be willing to buy a paid recommendation from a Fox News host or former popular politician, but our real world customer testimonials tell the true story of Genesis Gold Group.”

Here are some of the things customers are saying about Genesis:

“With the downward turn in the market, I have been wanting to transfer my IRA to gold/precious metals. I am so happy that I came across Genesis Gold Group. They made the process seamless . . . They have knowledge, care, and patience with newbies, like me. They kept me informed along the way and reached out several times to see if I had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in investing in precious metals.”

“They made it so easy to transfer part of the funds out of my company 401K to set up a precious metals IRA. Everyone I’ve dealt with there is friendly and knowledgeable.”

“The people at Genesis Gold Group have been very helpful to get my 401k from stocks and bonds to silver coins on deposit. They are patient and explained each step and answered my numerous questions along the way.”

In the end, including gold in a diversified portfolio is a no-brainer. So how can you do it?

You can learn that in Genesis Gold Group’s Definitive Gold Guide.

Click here to access the guide.

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