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As the Gateway Pundit reported, Biden’s disastrous debate performance has demoralized the entire Democrat Party and set off an outright panic. Now we learn that this despair has infiltrated the Biden White House.

Fox News shared a video of CNN senior White House correspondent Kayla Tausche dropping a juicy report to short-tempered host Kasie Hunt on Friday. It turns out that the mood at the White House is abysmal, with the staffer group chats being particularly ugly.

Many staffers are so sickened by Biden’s downfall that they are refusing to show up for work at the White House, claiming they prefer to commiserate from home.
Yes, these snowflakes can’t handle adversity so they are hiding out in their bedrooms.

How did these folks ever make it out in the real world?


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TAUSCHE: The Biden campaign just believes they need a little bit of time for the dust to settle and to move forward,” Tausche told CNN host Kasie Hunt. “They plan for the president to stay in the race and to debate again in September.

But I‘ve been talking to a bunch of rank-and-file at the White House, and the mood inside the building is not good. They described the tone of the group chats among staffers as abysmal and ugly.

They say everyone is deflated, and a lot of people chose to work from home today, saying, ‘We‘re just commiserating, and we didn‘t want to do that at a desk.’

Just a reminder: your tax dollars pay these babies’ salaries. No one should buy their claims that they are supposedly working from home, either.

When one combines this latest news with Biden’s dementia, it is understandably why many believe this election is the last chance to save America. One can only imagine what moves our enemies will make while the “president” continues to deteriorate and his staff slacks off.

The White House did not respond to Fox News for comment.

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