On Sunday night 60 Minutes, a “news magazine”, invited anti-free speech zealot Kate Starbird on to discuss the necessity to control thoughts and speech in America today.

Starbird went on ’60 Minutes’ to argue the need to control free speech in America today so that only one viewpoint is allowed to reach the masses.

Kate Starbird is not new at this. She has been working with government agencies to stifle free speech in America for years now.

Kate Starbird was successful in her efforts to censor and blacklist The Gateway Pundit before the 2022 election. Now her goal is to control all speech on X.

Starbird is a key player in the government censorship complex.

We have reported on Kate’s work at The Gateway Pundit.

Stephen Miller and America First Legal is currently involved with litigants from the Missouri v. Biden lawsuit, where Gateway Pundit Publisher Jim Hoft is a plaintiff. In the pivotal lawsuit the Attorney Generals of Louisiana and Missouri are suing Joe Biden and his administration to stop censoring conservatives and independent voices who do not echo and support current government policy.

Jim Hoft is also fighting back against the other parts of the Biden censorship regime.

The corrupt Biden regime is once again putting their weight behind silencing media outlets that don’t abide by the mainstream narrative. This time, they’re using “The Center for Countering Digital Hate” to silence voices that don’t agree with them. How will this affect the media landscape, especially online independent journalism? Elijah Schaffer discusses more on today’s Beyond the Headlines.

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