Matthew Colangelo previously was acting associate attorney general in the federal Department of Justice. (The Justice Department / YouTube screen shot)

Alvin Bragg’s prosecutors on Tuesday asked Judge Juan Merchan to keep Trump’s gag order in place even though a jury returned a guilty verdict in the ‘hush money’ trial last week.

Biden’s DOJ hatchet man Matthew Colangelo opposed Trump’s bid to lift the gag order in the Stormy Daniels ‘hush money’ case.

Joe Biden sent his top-ranking DOJ official, Matthew Colangelo, to New York to convict his main political opponent on non-crimes.

Merchan has trampled all over Trump’s First Amendment rights. Only Trump is gagged. Convicted perjurer Michael Cohen, the so-called ‘star witness’ in the hush money trial, can go on TikTok and trash Trump.

Recall that Judge Merchan expanded his gag order against Trump to bar the former president from criticizing his family members.

The judge’s daughter, Loren Merchan, is a far-left political operative who worked for the Biden-Harris campaign. The media has infantilized 34-year-old Loren Merchan in an effort to attack Trump’s First Amendment-protected speech.

Loren Merchan’s firm, Authentic Campaigns, Inc., has received tens of millions of dollars from Democrats who want to take down Trump.

According to The New York Post, Loren Merchan helped Democrats raise $93 million off of her father’s case.

President Trump this week asked the Court to lift the gag order “because the trial has concluded.”

Matthew Colangelo asked Merchan to keep the gag order in place to “avoid threats to the fairness of the trial itself.”

Earlier this week President Trump called on the US Supreme Court to intervene following his conviction on all counts in the politically motivated hush-money trial that concluded last week.

The sentencing was set for July 11 — three days before the Republican convention!

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