Joe Biden’s America.

This week’s statistics from Customs and Border Protection revealed that there were nearly 6,700 illegal alien encounters on Thursday alone.

These numbers include 136 Chinese illegals in the San Diego sector which had over 1,000 encounters on that day.

The top four countries that these illegals are from are Colombia, China, Brazil, and Mexico.

NEW: Per CBP sources, nearly 6,700 migrant encounters at the southern border yesterday, including another 136 Chinese nationals apprehended in San Diego sector.
Top 4 countries in San Diego sector’s 1,000+ encounters yesterday:

Colombia: 170
China: 136
Brazil: 106
Mexico: 103

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) February 9, 2024

The San Diego sector has seen an influx of illegals, especially in the eastern part of the county in Jacumba.

Last month footage from Fox News reporter Bill Melugin with his photographer showed two SUVs in Jacumba, California drop off illegals who invade our country through a small opening at the end of the border wall.


BREAKING: Our photographer in Jacumba, CA just witnessed two human smuggling SUVs drop off groups of illegal immigrants who then trot around the border wall and enter the US. People from China, Turkey, & India in this group. This is in eastern San Diego County, and there was only…

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) January 29, 2024

Open border policies have posed a danger to our country from terrorists. TGP reported on Friday that ICE released a Pakastani illegal on the terror watchlist with “tracking technology.” He was arrested in Los Angeles after checking in with ICE on the “alternatives to detention program.

EXCLUSIVE: Pakistani Illegal Immigrant On Terror Watchlist Given Free Day Of Release In US

The terror suspect was released from the custody of ICE San Diego on Jan. 23 w/ tracking technology. The next day, ICE LA arrested him. @dailycaller

— Jennie Taer (@JennieSTaer) February 9, 2024

It is frightening that terrorists who invade our country are put on such a program that should not even exist.

Until the Biden regime is removed from office, the invasion will continue. Since January 2021, there is an estimated 11 million illegals who have invaded our nation.

That number equals about the population of 41 individual states. This is not sustainable for the US.

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