There was a surprise moment at the Trump rally in Wildwood, New Jersey. NFL Greats Lawrence Taylor and Otis Anderson endorsed the former president.

There was a surprise moment at President Trump’s massive Mega MAGA rally in Wildwood, New Jersey on Saturday night.

At one point during his speech, President Trump called up NFL Legends Lawrence Taylor and Ottis Anderson to speak to the massive crowd of nearly 100,000 patriots!

Both Lawrence and Otis Taylor endorsed President Trump

President Trump: I’m joined today by two incredible football legends, New York Giants, Super Bowl heroes. I guess I would have to say Lawrence Taylor is the greatest defensive player ever. I’m a little prejudiced, but I would say that. And the man who was possessed during Super Bowl, he was a Super Bowl MVP, Otis O. J. Anderson in the hair. Come on up, for a second. Come on up. Come on up. These guys… Look at them, Lawrence. You look like you could play immediately. They could use you. Come on up. These guys are serious players. You know, they’re my golfing partners, too. Tell them, Can Trump play golf? You have to tell them.

Lawrence Taylor: I just wanted to say I grew up a Democrat, and I’ve always been a Democrat until I met this man right here. I’ll tell you what. He will not have to worry about NOBODY in my family ever voting for a Democrat again.

Ottis Anderson: Don’t you just love that guy? Don’t you just love that guy? I tell you, it has been a very exciting day. You guys, not one person left here. You’re still here. Yes, yelling and screaming. So my word is, ‘Wildwood, are you in the house?’

MAGA Crowd: Yes!

Ottis Anderson: Now, I can’t hear you. ‘Wildwood, are you in the house?’

MAGA Crowd: YES!

Ottis Anderson: Thank you guys for all your support. And how about a great shout out for Metro Exhibit, baby. We made it all happen all across the EU. Thank you. Thank you.


Lawrence Taylor is widely viewed as the greatest defensive player to play in the NFL.

Ottis “O.J.” Anderson, a running back for the New York Giants, racked up five 1,000-yard seasons in six years from 1979 to 1984. Otis Anderson was Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl XXV.

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