J6 Operative Ray Epps was sentenced on Tuesday to NO JAIL TIME!

Ray Epps, the only January 6 protester who actually told people to go into the Capitol, has been officially sentenced to one year probation, $500 restitution, and 100 hours community service.

Epps did not have to show up for court today – he called in via Zoom.

As Cara Castronuova reported earlier today —

The D.C. Kangaroo Court suddenly changed Ray Epps’ in-person public sentencing hearing to a private/remote Zoom hearing yesterday evening.

Epps was scheduled to appear in person today at 10 AM at the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse in Washington D.C today for his sentencing. According to the Court Docket, on 1/8/24 the hearing was modified to a “hybrid hearing” (government in person/defense via Zoom.)

Ray Epps on January 6th.

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, Epps was just sued by J6 defendant Eric Clark for “Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights”. The case was filed in a Utah Federal Court.

Here’s where it gets shady.

The Gateway Pundit had a tip that Ray Epps was going to be served with the lawsuit at the courthouse during his sentencing. Process servers were hired by the Plaintiff and our reporters were scheduled to be there to capture the moment Epps was served on video. This was all discussed yesterday in private phone calls.

Then like magic, Ray Epps’ Fairy Godmother changed his PUBLIC IN-PERSON sentencing hearing to a REMOTE TELEPHONIC sentencing hearing.

Lucky guy.

What a coincidence.

This was approved by the Dishonorable Obama-appointed Chief Judge James Boasberg.

Please help the J6 Defendant SUING Ray Epps by CLICKING HERE.

The Dishonorable Chief Judge Boasberg of the D.C. United States District Court.

See the court docket below:

“What more proof is needed to show that the government is protecting Epps?!” said an attorney who is fearful of retaliation.

Ray Epps whispers in the ear of Ryan Samsel right before Samsel knocks down a fence.

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