It is a running mystery in the United Kingdom and around the world: what exactly is the state of King Charles’ health?

Everyone is considering that, but it is anathema to ask.

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On the surface, Buckingham Palace has announced that the King is returning to his public duties, which would of course imply that he is improving in health.

But reports arise that are commenting on the increasing chatter that King Charles’ health is much worse than his aides are suggesting.

Daily Beast reported:

“Speaking to friends of the king in recent weeks about his health, the most common response is a lowering of the voice by half an octave or so, followed by the sombre, drawn-out pronouncement: ‘It’s not good’.”

Palace officials won’t publicly comment on that, of course.

Since his aides disclosed the King’s cancer diagnosis earlier this year, they also specified that they wouldn’t be providing a ‘running commentary on his health’.

“The king has never said what specific type of cancer he has been diagnosed with, apart from to say it was not prostate cancer. He is understood to be making regular visits to London for radiotherapy treatment, which can be used to treat many different types of cancer.

Of course, were Charles a private individual, his health would be nobody’s business but his own. But he is the leader of a hereditary monarchy, a head of state who can only be removed by death (or abdication, but that doesn’t seem likely to happen given the late Queen Elizabeth’s precedent). Much as his office may not wish to acknowledge it, his prognosis is very much a matter of public interest. It is certainly preoccupying some individuals in certain branches of government.”

Charles’ funeral plans are being regularly updated, it is reported.

“One old friend of the family, for example, told The Daily Beast, ‘Of course he is determined to beat it and they are throwing everything at it. Everyone is staying optimistic, but he is really very unwell. More than they are letting on’.”

The possibility of the King’s death is not openly mentioned by the U.K. press.

Christopher Andersen, the New York Times best-selling royal writer: “King Charles’ reign will by definition be short, but it’s anyone’s guess at this time just how short. In the meantime, the tried-and-true practice of revising funeral plans should not be used to make that determination. What would be enormously helpful is for the palace to be transparent about the king’s condition and his prognosis. Until that happens, gossip and speculation will continue to swirl, and conspiracy theories will abound.”

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