US founders bow in prayer as they contemplate the formation of the greatest nation in world history.

By Tom Renz – Attorney/Author/Analyst – and

While I probably do not deserve it, I am going to dub myself the face of Christian Nationalism. I am a Christian that is proud of my Christian beliefs, and I am absolutely an America first nationalist that believes that America and her interests should be first in the world. As the newly self-appointed face of Christian Nationalism in the United States, I am furious. I am furious that my faith is being misrepresented and twisted, I am furious that the enemies of freedom are lying and misrepresenting my country, and I am furious that the bought and paid for mainstream media is knowingly promoting these lies.

Let me begin with what Christian Nationalism isn’t. Christian nationalism is NOT what the mainstream media liars are calling it. According to a piece of journalistic garbage published in Axios ( Christian Nationalism is tied with things like banning books and teaching religion in schools. The propagandists behind the article failed to mention that the books these terrible “Christian Nationalists” were pushing to ban were pornography and they were requesting that the aforementioned porn was found in schools. They also failed to mention that the idea of teaching religion was less about a specific religion and more about teaching basic values of right and wrong that no society can function without.

Yes – Axios and their quasi-journalist writer (Russell Contreras) certainly know how to misrepresent the facts. The same article went on to include the highlighted gem below.

Somehow, Christianity and American Nationalism are, in the opinion of the author of this article, presented as news centered on Race, despite the fact that America has done more to end slavery, segregation, and things like apartheid than any other nation in history. Despite the fact that the nation that this author is denigrating literally and rightly created a national holiday to celebrate the greatest civil rights leader in history – Dr. Martin Luther King. Yes, according to Russell, the nation that has an entire month dedicated to acknowledging black history is a nation that is represented by whiteness.

Russell then goes on to claim that Christian Nationalists want to make some sort of magical legal proclamation that Christianity should be legally declared a Christian nation and we should become some sort of church-state. Of course, Neither Axios nor Russell presents anything approximating evidence of this position, but why to let journalistic integrity get in the way of a good story, right? This article even goes so far as to suggest that Christian Nationalists somehow oppose democracy despite the fact that we are actually a republic and so this is entirely irrelevant… but again, it helps position the hit piece, and who cares about facts?

Essentially Axios and Russell are promoting the same lies the rest of the media is pushing. While the question we should all be asking is who is behind the war on America and Christianity, I want to move on to explain why I so proudly stand as a Christian Nationalist.

Britannica defines a nationalist here ( as: “nationalism, ideology based on the premise that the individual’s loyalty and devotion to the nation-state surpass other individual or group interests.” In other words, a nationalist would believe that an American should be loyal to America and be an American first. While this may sound disturbing to some I would ask what is wrong with being loyal to a nation that stands for protecting the inalienable rights bestowed on all people by the creator listed in the Declaration of Independence? Why shouldn’t I take a stand for a nation that has freed slaves and ended segregation globally, was the originator and has remained the largest supporter of suffrage in world history, has created more wealth and technological advancement for people all over the world than any other nation in world history, and stopped people like Hitler time and time again?

The short answer is I should, and if you disagree, you only have the right to do so because your freedoms are protected by the nation you hate – right, Axios? With that said, let’s move on to Christianity. I am a terrible Christian but proud of my faith. I’m curious about all those who seem to hate Christianity so much and which part they oppose. Christianity was founded by a guy who said to forgive those who do wrong to you, love your neighbor and treat everyone as you would want to be treated, and don’t judge people – only actions. Which of these values is threatening? Is it, perhaps, the implied truth that Christianity promotes freedom, love, and respect, and these values don’t align with theirs? While I hope everyone finds their way to Christianity, I absolutely respect the absolutely inalienable right for everyone to believe as they choose – which is the core tenant of Christianity (Jesus made people followers, not slaves, and it was ALWAYS a choice). I also look forward to someone explaining to me why the core values of Christianity are somehow threatening to America as it was founded.

The bottom line is that the only issue with Christian Nationalism is that there isn’t more of it. If more people appreciated the nation that fought globally for equality and ushered in many of the standards of living that our modern age is founded, then we could all work together far more effectively to continue to promote those ideals. If more people treated others as they wanted to be treated and loved their neighbor, things would be far better in almost every way. I guess my question for Russell, Axios, and all the other leftists is, why do you hate America, and why don’t you love and respect your neighbors? After all, if you are an American that dislikes Christian Nationalism, that is exactly what you stand for.

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