The city of Minneapolis is experiencing a shortage of police officers and is struggling to recruit new ones.

None of the people who are running the city should be surprised by this. Minneapolis was ground zero for the ‘defund the police’ movement after the death of George Floyd. In the riots that followed, crazed leftists burned down a police precinct.

Who would want to take a job as a law enforcement officer in such a city?

FOX News reports:

Minneapolis attempts ‘greatest law enforcement comeback story in America’ amid flagging police recruitment

Minneapolis is attempting to raise recruitment numbers for the city’s police department and 911 dispatch center amid a shortage of both roles.

“Police are short staffed and everybody is short staffed,” Minneapolis-based 911 dispatcher Emily Harmon told KARE 11 in an interview Friday…

In response to the growing police staffing crisis, Minneapolis is paying Accenture, a consulting firm, “$950,000 for the campaign, part of a $7 million grant from the federal American Rescue Plan that will be used for recruitment and retention, according to contract documents approved by the City Council last fall,” according to The Star Tribune.

The title of the campaign is “Imagine Yourself.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey spoke about the new initiative at a recent press conference.

“This campaign is comprehensive. It’s full throated and it’s a full-court press to make sure that we are getting the necessary police officers into MPD and that we are getting 911 dispatchers as well,” Frey said, explaining that the campaign will utilize “everything from ads on social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube to commercials on the air to billboards.”

The force is also reportedly not investigating certain crimes due to staffing shortages.

Staffing shortages may mean Minneapolis Police “might soon be in a situation where we’re just not going to investigate property crimes anymore,” MPD Chief @_BrianOHara told @Harpers — and he acknowledged the Northside would suffer most from that

— Kyle Stokes (@kystokes) March 18, 2024

The city needs new leadership. None of this is going to change under their current regime.

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