Democrat strategist Paul Begala compared third party candidates to cockroaches during a recent appearance on CNN. Isn’t it great when liberals make it clear what kind of people they really are?

One other reason why this segment is important is because it shows how absolutely terrified Democrats are about third party candidates taking votes away from Biden.

As Begala notes, it doesn’t take much for a third party candidate to completely change the outcome of an election.

FOX News reports:

Third parties are like ‘cockroaches in the kitchen,’ former Clinton adviser says: ‘Foul it up’ for Biden

Paul Begala, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, compared third-parties to cockroaches on Monday and said Robert F. Kennedy Jr would throw “the whole election to Donald Trump,” which he said was a very real threat.

While discussing the Biden campaign and DNC effort to “diminish” RFK Jr.’s third-party effort, Begala, a CNN political commentator, suggested Kennedy could throw the election to Trump and compared third-parties to cockroaches.

“Third parties elected Donald Trump in 2016, about six to seven percent of Americans voted third-party. That third-party vote dropped to less than two, which is how Biden won. So, anything over two, Democrats are in trouble. Kennedy alone is getting 15 in some of these places. So yeah, my view is third parties, they’re like cockroaches in the kitchen, okay?”

He added, “It’s not what they carry off that upsets you. It’s what they fall into and foul up. Bobby Kennedy can fall into every swing state and foul it up for Joe Biden and throw the whole election to Donald Trump. So, I’m very happy as a Democrat that the Democrats are on this because it’s a very real threat,” Begala said.

Here’s the clip:

Gotta love CNN “political analysts” comparing Kennedy to a cockroach that must be squashed.#CNN #DNClies #Kennedy24

— JRS (@jrs_1202) March 25, 2024

Had Trump made this comparison, Paul Begala would be on TV huffing and puffing about how Trump dehumanizes people.

It’s just (D)ifferent when they do it.

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