Stormy Daniels court illustration by Jane Rosenberg

For the past three days porn star Stormy Daniels and liberal Biden-connected prosecutors have run wild with the leftist media in attacks on President Trump in a lawsuit that should have never been allowed in a case with no crime.

This is one of several lawfare suits against President Trump filed by Democrats to bankrupt and destroy the enormously popular pro-American president.

The particularly crooked Judge Juan Merchan has ordered President Trump to remain silent as the media and Democrats spin lie after lie against his record and character.

This is how free societies die. Just as shocking as the Democrat party’s lawlessness is the Republican party’s total avoidance to confront these vicious political acts. We all know this lawlessness cannot continue yet Republicans remain too weak to raise their voices with the rare exception the courageous few who are shunned by their own party elites.

On Thursday the media continued their toxic reports on Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels, a opportunist who owes President Trump around $500,000 for court costs that she refuses to pay – a crime in itself.

The Trump team requested Judge Juan Merchan lift the unconstitutional gag order on President Trump but Merchan refused.

The Trump team also requested the case be thrown out after Stormy Daniels’ seven hours of testimony.

Dana Perino at FOX News reported: Just moments ago, the judge denying his lawyer’s motion to modify the gag order, which would have allowed Trump to respond to Stormy Daniels. Right now, his team is arguing for the judge to declare a mistrial. It comes as Stormy Daniels wrapped up over seven hours on the stand. Trump’s lawyer is hammering away at Stormy’s credibility, poking holes in her story and drilling her about attempts to make money off of her alleged affair with Trump. The defense showing off this $40 ‘Saint of Indictments’ devotional candle. They claimed she was selling on her website, which shows Daniels draped in a Christ-like robe. Stormy not denying she made bank, admitting she has to pay her legal bills to the tune of half a million dollars that she owes to the former President. Then Stormy got supernatural, a bizarre moment when the defense grilled Daniel’s work as Paranormal Investigator, asking about a show where she said She can talk to dead people and lived in a house she believed to be haunted, but it turned out to just be a giant oppossum.

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