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Medical intervention shown to help women save pregnancies

America’s lucrative abortion industry has developed a two-chemical abortion pill process for do-it-yourself abortions, and while there are documented dangers to women, the business makes money.

So anything that undermines the messaging used to promote the process is in a bull’s-eye for pro-abortion advocates and officials.

Especially, information about a reversal process that often allows women who have started the procedure by taking the first pill to save their babies by taking progesterone.

And that is a problem for California Attorney General Rob Bonta.

He’s suing several organizations that provide information about that very abortion pill reversal process.

And they are asking a California Superior Court to throw the case out.

Bonta has sued Heartbeat International and RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics over their advocacy for “Abortion Pill Reversal,” the medical intervention provided to women who decide to reverse their in-progress chemical abortions, ” according to officials with the Thomas More Society.

According to the legal team, “Heartbeat International, an international network of thousands of pregnancy centers, provides referrals to medical providers for women who are seeking to reverse their chemical abortions through its Abortion Pill Rescue® Network, which is the target of Bonta’s lawsuit, along with the RealOptions pregnancy centers in California, which provide Abortion Pill Reversal services.”

“Women undergoing chemical abortions deserve the truth: even after starting a chemical abortion, they may still be able to save their babies,” said attorney Peter Breen, Thomas More Society head of litigation.

“California and its Attorney General Rob Bonta are illegally and unconstitutionally seeking to rip away ‘choice’ from women in dire need by attacking pregnancy help ministries like Heartbeat and RealOptions, to shut down their promotion of Abortion Pill Reversal. Abortion Pill Reversal provides real hope for women who want to stop their abortions and continue their pregnancies.”

Heartbeat International President Jor-El Godsey added, “California should be more concerned with helping women who desperately want to continue their pregnancy. Targeting women’s opportunity to reverse their abortion is an obvious act of misusing the goodwill of taxpayer funding to shill for Big Abortion.”

Bonta has been in court demanding an injunction against the pro-life information.

“Despite overwhelming evidence of Abortion Pill Reversal services’ safety and effectiveness, this lawsuit makes outrageously false claims against Heartbeat International and RealOptions,” said Paul Jonna, a lawyer on the case.

“Attorney General Bonta’s lawsuit aims to hide life-saving information from women regarding Abortion Pill Reversal. This is a desperate attempt by Bonta to eliminate any competition to the well-funded abortion lobby with which he has proudly partnered throughout his political career.”

Among issues to be resolved is the free speech issue, that people have a constitutional right to share their opinions and information. But California in the past has simply ignored that freedom, previously ruling that counselors could tell kids to move into the LGBT lifestyles, but were banned from counseling them how to live lives in the gender in which they were born.

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