President Trump spoke to a lively crowd at the Rochester Opera House in Rochester, New Hampshire on Sunday shortly after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropped out of the 2024 presidential race.

Trump is dominating the polls in New Hampshire after a big win in the Iowa Caucus.

He held a big rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday and spoke to a great group of patriots.

The crowd went wild as Trump took the stage in Rochester on Sunday evening.


1/21/24 | ROCHESTER, NH

— Dan Scavino Jr. (@DanScavino) January 22, 2024

President Trump told the crowd in Rochester that the enthusiasm is very high.

“We have the highest level of enthusiasm that anybody has ever seen ever, and the reason is they are so bad. They are destroying our country.” Trump said.


He also warned of the dangers of open borders and dishonest elections.

“If you don’t have borders and fair elections, you don’t have a country. And we don’t have borders and we don’t have fair elections when you get right down to it. On day one I will terminate every open border policy of crooked Joe Biden and the Biden administration.” Trump said.


Trump also told the crowd to not believe the polls so that they go out and vote and make the margins higher.

“The more we win by, the bigger a signal we send for November.” Trump said.


Trump 2024!

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