Fatima Mousa Mohammed spoke at CUNY Law School Graduation in 2023

The City University of New York Law School (CUNY) is struggling to find a venue to hold graduation for the class of 2024 after concerns about prior incidents of antisemitism and hate speech.

In 2023, CUNY invited graduate and future lawyer Fatima Mousa Mohammed to speak at graduation.

During her speech, Mohammed, who hails from the failed state of Yemen, launched into an attack on white privilege and “oppressive institutions” like law enforcement in her speech.

She also condemned her own institution for continuing “to train [Israeli] soldiers to carry out that violence globally” and falsely condemned Israel for “murdering the old, the young, attacking even funerals and graveyards as it encourages lynch mobs to target Palestinian homes and businesses.”

The crowd screamed and cheered in agreement.

Her remarks were so egregious even far-left NYC Mayor Eric Adams condemned Mohammed’s  “hate speech.”

There have even been calls to defund the school.

Watch Mohammed’s disturbing remarks.

The New York Post reports that plans to hold the event at Hunter College fell through, and CUNY Dean of Law Sudha Setty told faculty members it was because of certain “concerns” which she refused to elaborate on.

“They [Hunter College] have a very complicated set of concerns about hosting our commencement. That’s the summary of it,” Setty said according to a recording obtained by Gothamist. When one of her colleagues asked for clarification Setty demurred.

“I might be able to do it elsewhere … we are in a very public setting,” she said.

The objections from Hunter will now force the school to explore the possibility of renting private event space, which could end up being triple the price, Setty said.

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