Credit: Aidan Kearney/TB Daily News

Video footage released on Wednesday captured the moment a young white male was brutally beaten and spat on by a group of thugs on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston while witnesses laughed. Even worse, no one is currently being held responsible.

TB Daily News reported the incident happened during the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade at M Street Park.

The video opens with the victim lying on the ground as three black youths begin hitting and kicking him while he writhes around in pain. Instead of coming to the poor kid’s assistance, bystanders stand and do nothing.

The thugs then shove and kick the man down the hill head-first into a fence pole. The assailants and a few witnesses oooh and laugh upon seeing this.


A group of thugs beat up a helpless man at a St Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston. Video shows them beating, spitting, throwing stuff, and kicking him down a hill where he knocks his head.

You won’t see this covered in the

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) March 20, 2024

The assailants then escalated their assault in more vulgar fashion. They proceed to spit on the victim and spray him with beer while one witness points and laughs.

Credit: Aidan Kearney/TB Daily News

The victim finally manages to get up unassisted and tries to climb the wall before two older women arrive to help him.

Credit: Aidan Kearney/TB Daily News

TB Daily News notes no arrests have been made to this point nor is there evidence the Boston police are looking to track down the three thugs responsible.

Given the severity of the assault, one could argue the perpetrators should be charged with attempted murder. But it’s questionable whether anyone will be held accountable.

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