Pro-Hamas agitators throughout the United States are undermining the freedoms and what our American flag stands for.

In Chicago, at Daley Plaza, on Saturday, a group of agitators raised the Palestinian flag above the American flag. Putting any flag above the American flag within our borders is a disgrace and an insult to our nation. More accurately, it is an insurrection.

Blue cities like Chicago not only don’t take a stand against this insanity, they also celebrate it.


HELL NO: Protesters raise Palestine flag over the American flag in Daley Plaza in Chicago.

Send them all to Gaza to help #FreePalestine

Who do you think bought this big expensive flag?

— CoolBlue (@BackThebluecool) May 12, 2024

The next video shows more Palestinian flags flying on the rails at Daley Plaza.


Why are PALESTINIAN FLAGS flying today on the rails at the Daley Plaza, a Chicago city building housing the Cook County courts. Is this the FLAG of Chicago? @RealAmVoice @BenBergquam @charliekirk11 @TPUSA @CPAC @MaryAnnAhernNBC @RepMattGaetz @Wirepoints

— Mark Weyermuller (@publicpolicyman) May 12, 2024

Some states handle pro-Hamas activity better than others. On Saturday, agitators blocked an exit on Interstate 4 in Orlando, Florida that lead to Disney World. “Queers for Palestine” held banners and prevented drivers from navigating the highway. They were quickly arrested for blocking traffic.


One Dad was not having it that Central Florida Queers for Palestine was blocking the exit to Disney World.

One of the activist jumps into the car to leave, but the police are already on the scene. They keep recording as they start to drive off.

— Stu (@thestustustudio) May 11, 2024

The pro-Hamas chaos, including agitators on college campuses, are all part of a greater problem of weak leadership in the United States under the Biden regime. Earlier this month, crooked Joe uttered a few things about the college agitators and offered no solutions or resolve.


The Biden regime spends its time persecuting Trump supporters and pro-life Christians rather than going after anti-American, terrorist supporting agitators who endanger people’s lives.

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