Before you read a single word of this report, it’s important to point out that double voting in the state of Michigan is a felony offense.

Soros-funded MI SOS Jocelyn Benson (D), MI AG Dana Nessel (D)

Only two months before the 2020 election, Michigan’s politically motivated Attorney General Dana Nessel warned voters they would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if they cast more than one vote in an election. Michigan’s crooked Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson joined Nessel, warning Michigan voters against committing voter fraud while assuring the public she has safeguards in place to ensure this doesn’t happen.


The warning shot fired by the politically motivated Democrat duo came on the heels of President Trump suggesting that voters who submit ballots by mail should show up to their polling location to make sure their ballot was tabulated.

The funny thing is that there were very few prosecutions related to voter fraud in the state of Michigan in 2020, including prosecutions related to the statewide investigation into a registration voter fraud scheme by GBI Strategies/Empower Michigan that was hidden from the public and from city clerks by MI SOS Jocelyn Benson and MI AG Dana Nessel.


Were so few people prosecuted because, despite the ease with which volunteers with Check My Vote have been able to identify voter fraud by poring through 8.2 million voter records and over 54 million voter history records, MIchigan’s top election official doesn’t have any interest in finding individuals committing voter fraud, like those who vote from non-existent addresses, or how about individuals who vote two or more times in one election?

Is the MI SOS testing the waters to see how many new voters can vote more than once without being detected before the 2024 election? 

Contained in the February 2024 QVF compared to the December 2020 QVF, there is an increase of almost 15x more occurrences of this serious issue where individuals voted 2 times in the same election. The highest occurrence by a significant amount has occurred in our recent November 2023 election.

WHY the drastic increase in multiple votes cast under the same voter ID # in 2023? Was this a test by the SOS’s office to see if anyone would catch these duplicate votes, or are Michigan SOS Jocelyn Benson and Jonathan Brater, her director of the Bureau of Elections, incompetent?

In one of Michigan’s best-kept secrets, MI Director of the Bureau of Elections Jonathan Brater was recently chosen to replace the far-left David Becker as the CHAIR of ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) after 9 states dropped the so-called “tool to help election officials maintain more accurate voter rolls and detect possible illegal voting.”

MI SOS Jocelyn Benson (D) and MI Bureau of Elections Director Jonathan Brater

From the ERIC website:

We analyze voter registration and motor vehicle department data provided by our members through secure channels, along with official federal death data and change of address data, in order to provide our members with various reports. They use these reports to update their voter rolls, remove ineligible voters, investigate potential illegal voting, or provide voter registration information to individuals who may be eligible to vote.

The state of Michigan (taxpayers) pays ERIC to allegedly clean up the voter rolls, yet we couldn’t find any public record of how much the state of Michigan is paying them, which is especially curious, considering the CHAIR of ERIC is also the director of the MI Bureau of Elections.

Are we the only ones who see a conflict of interest here with the State of Michigan, under the direction of SOS Benson, entering into a paid contract with an organization headed up by the Director of the Bureau of Elections? 

Why is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization like Check My Vote the group discovering that the Qualified Voter Files are being manipulated, finding duplicate votes in multiple elections, finding non-existent addresses where individuals are voting, identifying serious issues with overseas voters, and more?  What exactly is ERIC being paid to do?

CMV (CheckMyVote), an ALL VOLUNTEER organization, explains how easy it was for them to find HUNDREDS of voter IDs that were used more than once to vote in the 2020, 2022, and 2023 elections.

CMV investigators only had to enter six lines of code, and within one minute, the computer showed them HUNDREDS of duplicate voters on Michigan’s QVF (Qualified Voter Files) that are created by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s Bureau of Elections office.

The Gateway Pundit was given screenshots of evidence of voters who voted more than once in the 2020, 2022, and 2023 elections. The data we are showing was taken directly from the MI QVF that was FOIA’d received on February 1, 2024.

In the first example, a voter with ID # 10059296 voted “Absentee” in the May 2, 2023 election in Sterling Heights, MI, which is located in Macomb County.  The same voter ID was used AGAIN to cast ANOTHER vote in person or “ED” on Election Day.

CMV is working closely with the Director of Election Integrity for the MIGOP, Phil O’Halloran, to locate and expose election fraud and identify ways for volunteers to put processes in place to prevent it from happening again in the 2024 election.

This example, which was taken directly from Michigan’s QVF, shows a voter who has a history of only voting “absentee,” but in 2022, they voted BOTH absentee and in person. If Michigan’s voter ID and signature matching is so effective, how did this voter vote in person for someone else, especially since the voter only has a history of voting absentee? And why didn’t ERIC, which is chaired by Michigan’s Director of the Bureau of Elections Jonathan Brater, who was appointed by Michigan’s Democrat Secretary of State, catch these duplicate voters and turn them over to Michigan’s Democrat AG Dana Nessel for prosecution?

Election integrity investigators explained to us how they take the voter ID and combine it with the election date to get a unique number combination. According to a top election integrity official working with CMV, there should never be two or more of the same unique combinations. This, according to CMV, is how they find the duplicates. They claim it is “very easy to find” and question why MI SOS Jocelyn Benson isn’t finding these duplicate voters. While it’s very possible voters who are either voting absentee or in-person are unaware that someone else is committing voter fraud by using their voter ID, volunteers at CMV are concerned about why none of these people who are casting more than one vote from the same voter ID are being prosecuted.

Although MI State law requires updated voter rolls to be available to the public within 7 days after an election, MI SOS Benson will only share the updated rolls on the first of every month, which makes the job of combing the voter rolls to find voter irregularities or outright fraud very difficult for volunteers.

Will our article end up on the “misinformation” tab on the MI SOS taxpayer-funded website, where MI SOS Benson calls USPS workers dropping off stacks of ballots at a drop box in Detroit “normal and legal activity,” or will Detroit News “reporter” Craig Mauger, work with her press secretary to come up with an excuse that he can publish to reason away this damning report?

Michigan, as well as other key swing states across America, has EIGHT months to fix their dirty voter rolls. Will independent voter integrity groups like CMV, the MIGOP Election Integrity experts under the direction of Phil O’Halloran and PIME, be able to identify and correct the voter rolls before voters begin to cast their absentee ballots for the 2024 election?

Investigators who work on teams at Check My Vote are thoroughly vetted. They have over 100 individuals working with the election integrity group to do the job ERIC should be doing in Michigan to protect the integrity of the elections.

Please go to the website and sign up if you’d like to volunteer.

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