George Stephanopoulos, the former Bill Clinton staffer who is somehow now the political director of ABC News, opened his Sunday show this week with a mini rant about how abnormal the 2024 election is and how supposedly abnormal Trump is as a candidate.

To prove his point, George cites all of the sham investigations, court cases and flimsy allegations that Democrats have made against Trump.

He inadvertently admitted that all of the things Democrats are doing to Trump is not normal.

And remember, this is a guy who made a career off of covering up scandals for Bill Clinton.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Liberal Media Scream: Could you cry more, George Stephanopoulos?

For years, George Stephanopoulos ran block and worse for former President Bill Clinton. First, it was Gennifer Flowers, and then Travelgate and Whitewater. Multiple other scandals followed.

His boss got away with most and didn’t face the music until he was finally impeached for lying about the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

But on Sunday, in an editorial to lead off his ABC Sunday talk show, the former Clinton spokesman ripped into former President Donald Trump, who is facing several court cases for what some legal analysts see as political attacks. That every move Trump makes is hit by the media or added to his legal troubles isn’t enough for Stephanopoulos.

Instead, and the reason he’s our feature for this week’s Liberal Media Scream, he wants Trump treated differently, claiming that the former president has pushed the nation to the brink of civil war despite now being the candidate most people want to win in November, according to CNN.

Watch this ridiculous video:

“Until now, no American presidential race had been more defined by what’s happening in courtrooms than what’s happening on the campaign trail.” @GStephanopoulos on the latest political news:

— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) April 28, 2024

So, the Democrats’ mistreatment of Trump is proof that he is bad? Is that what George is really arguing here?

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