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While the TSA is mandating most travelers use new facial recognition technology, why are they allowing migrants to opt out? We have more on this. Also, more drama with immigration in Congress – while Members of the House vow to reject the current border bill, a new RINO is coming forward with their own bill, allocating most of the funding to Ukraine. Julio Rosas, field reporter for joins the show with more.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows President Trump has widened his lead over Joe Biden – and names two more potential VP picks. Who are they – and what does this poll change? Tiffany Savage, America First Ambassador has more.

Then, Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow joins the show with more about new evidence of double voting coming from Michigan. Definitely a don’t-miss segment.

Plus, Austin Steinbart from the Quantum Party of America joins Ivory with more about two incredible stories – a special agent who committed perjury and now stands to walk free…plus a CIA whistleblower being sent to prison for a very long time, but, as always, there’s more to this story.

And finally, did a Grammy award-winning rapper get arrested after refusing to endorse Biden? Plenty in this story to question. Plus, the toxicology report for the 3 dead Chiefs fans is in – and Ivory has all the details.

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