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First, the latest on the impeachment proceedings of DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas – and with a surge in horrific illegal alien crime, what does New York City’s mayor have to say? Plus a RINO is Big Mad at Elon Musk for exposing the truth about the latest border bill – especially as opposition to it grows. Meanwhile, a confused Biden is…confused as to why he can’t get help at the border. Plus, the NYT now claiming that impeachment is nothing more than a partisan political weapon. What’s the truth?

Then, Chuck Schumer’s latest threat: sending US troops to fight Russia if his ‘world aid’ bill doesn’t pass. And the latest on the US bombing of Iranian proxies – along with a key Republican deciding not to retire. Daniel McAdams, Director of the Ron Paul Institute has more.

Next, Biden’s confusion continues, after he claims he talked to a French president – just…one that happens to be dead. And it doesn’t stop there as Biden flat-out lies about the economy to an empty room. Cliff Maloney joins the show and brings more about Trump’s new lead on Biden amongst Latinos. Will that shape the election? Plus what’s the deal with the Democrats’ “ballot chasing” and does it matter versus rigged election software?

Then, in a do-not-miss segment, Trump Campaign Spokeswoman Liz Harrington joins the show after news broke today that an appeals court stacked with Biden judges denied Trump immunity in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s January 6 DC case.

And finally, sad news today as the world learns of the death of famed country singer Toby Keith. Tim Klund, Toby’s friend, joins the show to talk about his life and legacy.

That, and more – tonight, on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines.

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