Screenshot: @bestdad_ceo/TikTok

It appears that even man’s best friend isn’t fond of sleepy Joe Biden.

A video is currently making the rounds on social media, showing a dog named Mollie reacting very differently to images of Donald Trump and Joe Biden on TV.

The video was originally posted on TikTok by user bestdad_ceo. His caption humorously questioned his pet’s political leanings: “Not sure what’s the political status of my dog but she goes crazy at the end… I think my dog is a pupublican.”

In the video, Mollie is perfectly content, sitting calmly while watching Donald Trump on television. However, the moment the channel is switched to display President Biden, Mollie’s demeanor changes dramatically. Mollie suddenly goes berserk, barking furiously and even charging at the television screen.


The entertaining clip quickly went viral, racking up an impressive 1.7 million views in a day.

The comment section did not disappoint. It was filled with witty remarks and tongue-in-cheek theories about Mollie’s political preferences:

One user quipped, “Dogs know evil.”

Another jested, “He can see the Lizard’s true form.”

Yet another chimed in with, “She knows it’s a skinwalker.”

A fellow TikTok user praised Mollie’s discernment, saying “Your dog is smarter than so many people that live in this country.”

And one commenter humorously suggested that Mollie should be given voting rights: “Let that dog vote…lol.”

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