GOP Missouri Secretary of State candidate Valentina Gomez came under fire recently and reportedly sparked outrage over her awesome social media content after she recently posted a video telling Americans, “Don’t be weak and gay.”

Video at the bottom of this page. Read more about Gomez below:

Gomez, a daughter of legal immigrants, describes herself on her campaign webpage as “a real estate investor, financier, strategist, former NCAA Division I swimmer, relentless achiever, and a fierce advocate for the principles values we hold dear as Americans battling for a better future.”

At the top of her agenda is election integrity:

Protecting Democracy – Abolishing Voting Machines – Activating the National Guard to Secure Elections

Valentina will fortify our democracy by abolishing voting machines, require Voter ID, and deploy the national guard guaranteeing impartiality in the election process.

Under Valentina’s leadership Missouri will return to a secure, transparent paper-based system, addressing concerns of cyber threats, and manipulation.

Deploying the National Guard to oversee Missouri’s voting polls is a pragmatic step, ensuring impartiality, deterring interference, and bolstering public confidence in the electoral process.

In addition to being a great candidate, she also posts epic and hilarious social media content, advocating for conservative principles.

In February, Gomez posted a viral video on X, vowing to “BURN all books that are grooming, indoctrinating, and sexualizing our children” and declaring “MAGA. America First.”

The post has been viewed over 4.3 million times on X:

When I’m Secretary of State, I will BURN all books that are grooming, indoctrinating, and sexualizing our children. MAGA. America First

— Valentina Gomez (@ValentinaForSOS) February 6, 2024

Gomez later followed up on this with an apology to absolutely nobody!

My apology
America First.

— Valentina Gomez (@ValentinaForSOS) February 13, 2024

She’s a savage. More below:

Gomez’s message to illegals:

@NYPDChiefPatrol brought law and order to @Columbia . We have to keep going and start mass deportations NOW. Help Veterans before illegals!

— Valentina Gomez (@ValentinaForSOS) May 1, 2024

Gomez’s message to pro-Hamas college students chanting “Death to America”:

Death to America? deport these hamas assets to wherever the fu*k Palestine is. We know Soros is funding you.

— Valentina Gomez (@ValentinaForSOS) April 28, 2024

Gomez’s preferred pronouns:

Please be respectful of my pronouns

— Valentina Gomez (@ValentinaForSOS) February 29, 2024

On Monday, Gomez posted another clip of herself running through a gay district neighborhood in St. Louis and saying, “In America, you can do anything you want, so don’t be weak and gay. Stay f*cking hard,” which apparently triggered a lot of Democrats. It’s pretty funny if you have a sense of humor unlike the libs…

Per Newsweek,

Gomez’s post sparked fury on social media, with many responding by subverting the phrase to “be strong and gay.”

A social media user wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “Yes, be strong and gay. And when weak people like Ms. Gomez try to make you feel weak, I’ll stand strong and straight with you instead of being weak and straight and pathetic like these bigoted losers who wish they were as hot as you.”

One called the message hateful, while another ridiculed Gomez for relaying her message while jogging in “hot pants and a bulletproof vest. Peak #Idiocracy achievement unlocked.”

Others responded sardonically, saying the phrase was accidentally humorous.

“You want to be gay? Fine be gay. Just don’t do it around children,” Gomez’s campaign director reportedly told NBC.

You can learn more about and support Valentina Gomez here!

Watch below:

Don’t be weak and gayAugust 6th is the day we take Missouri back from these corrupt politicians. @Cobratate @TateTheTalismanMAGA

— Valentina Gomez (@ValentinaForSOS) May 13, 2024

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