A washed-up actress showed up to the 2024 Golden Globes awards Sunday night wearing a gown emblazoned with “female anatomy” to protest abortion restrictions.

The US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year and kicked abortion laws back to the states.

Gillian Anderson, who is best known for her role in Sex Education and The X-Files, graced the red carpet in a gown embroidered with vaginas to protest ‘restrictions to female rights.’

“My dress is designed by Gabriela Hearst and it has vaginas on it,” Gillian Anderson said to a reporter on the red carpet.

“So, female anatomy? Ok, why did you choose this?” the reporter asked.

“For so many reasons. For so many reasons,” she said.


(WATCH) Gillian Anderson explains why she’s wearing a gown emblazoned with embroidery featuring female anatomy as a way of protesting restrictions to female rights #GoldenGlobes pic.twitter.com/fcJ6CFW3ha

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) January 7, 2024

Gillian Anderson also spoke with Extra about her dress.

“It’s a collaboration with me, for my G-spot brand, which is an alternative wellness brand,” Gillian Anderson told Extra, adding, “the dress has yonis.”

She told Extra that it took “three-and-a-half hours per yoni to embroider, and there a lot.”


Gillian Anderson (@GillianA) dishes on her special #GoldenGlobes gown that’s covered with yonis! https://t.co/rd8Bjti9X4 pic.twitter.com/0dQ1SwCFcV

— ExtraTV (@extratv) January 7, 2024

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