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In a chilling incident aboard Lufthansa’s Airbus A380, passengers witnessed an unimaginable horror as a man tragically died mid-flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Munich, Germany.

Swiss couple Martin and Karin Missfelder, who witnessed the event, recounted the traumatic experience to Swiss German news outlet Blick.

Karin Missfelder, a 55-year-old nursing specialist at the University Hospital in Zurich, spotted the ill passenger upon boarding the Airbus A380 for the scheduled 11:40 p.m. departure on Thursday.

Swiss couple Martin and Karin Missfelder/BLICK

She noticed his alarming symptoms, including cold sweats, rapid breathing, and an apathetic demeanor. Although the man was clearly in distress—a condition his Filipina wife linked to the rush to make their flight at Bangkok airport—he was permitted to board.

This decision came after a quick assessment by the pilot and a makeshift examination by a 30-year-old Polish doctor, also a passenger, who gave the green light after a brief evaluation.

However, the situation quickly escalated as the passenger began to spit blood, a dire condition that worsened rapidly, culminating in a horrific scene where “liters of blood” poured from his mouth and nose, according to Martin Missfelder.

“They then gave him a little chamomile tea, but he already spit blood into the bag that his wife held out to him,” Martin Missfelder told Blick.

“He keeps spitting into the bag – and finally a gush of blood comes out of his mouth and nose. “It was absolute horror, everyone was screaming,” says Missfelder. The man lost liters of blood. The walls were also full,” the news outlet reported.

The cabin was thrown into chaos, with passengers screaming and flight attendants scrambling to manage the situation.

Efforts to resuscitate the man were described as amateurish by Karin Missfelder, who lamented the lack of professional medical intervention onboard. Despite these attempts, the man was pronounced dead, leading the aircraft to return to Bangkok.

Martin expressed his frustration with the lack of assistance from both the airline and airport personnel, highlighting the insensitive treatment of the deceased’s wife, who was left to navigate customs procedures on her own.

“Nobody looked after us, we waited two hours. There was no care team there, nobody. We all had to go to a counter, where we received a 10-franc voucher.”

The wife “stood there all alone and apathetic and had to endure all the formalities.”

“The fact that Lufthansa has no measures in this case, that no one cares about around 30 traumatized passengers around, is unacceptable.”

Lufthansa has confirmed the death but has stated “no further details” regarding the incident.

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