EXCLUSIVE: Independent journalist Breanna Morello announced on Tuesday that the House Judiciary Committee is launching an investigation into the DOJ’s selective prosecution of The Blaze journalist Steve Baker and other January 6 defendants.

In a letter sent by Chairman Jim Jordan to U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves, Jordan is asking for internal documents and communications related to Baker and J6 defendants.

Chairman Jordan is also calling out the DOJ for targeting Baker while ignoring other journalists that were inside the US Capitol that day.

Breanna Morello reported this on X – via Emerald Robinson.

EXCLUSIVE: The @JudiciaryGOP is launching an investigation into the DOJ’s treatment of @theblaze journalist Steve Baker and other January 6 defendants.

In a letter sent by @Jim_Jordan to U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves, Jordan is asking for internal… pic.twitter.com/bR2nbjoyvo

— Breanna Morello (@BreannaMorello) March 12, 2024

Here is a copy of the Judiciary Committee letter to dirty US Attorney Matthew Graves.

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The Blaze on Tuesday posted Steve Baker’s reaction to this investigation.

“Breanna Morello’s advocacy for the innocent and the overcharged, over-persecuted January 6 defendants is tireless and without peer. What we see from her publicly is only a fraction of what she does behind the scenes.

“I want to thank Rep. Jim Jordan for not only recognizing my struggle but also for demanding full transparency in the DOJ’s prosecution of all J6 cases. I’m blessed by the platform I’ve been given, but I intend to use this attention to shine a light on all those who have been unfairly treated by the unprecedented weaponization of the DOJ, their double standards, and the selective prosecution being wielded against J6 defendants.”

FBI officials arrest Journalist Steve Baker for reporting on the January 6 protests and questioning the official narrative.

The Blaze journalist Steve Baker was arrested on Friday morning by FBI agents for reporting on the January 6 protests and challenging the official narrative.

Blaze Media Investigative Journalist @TPC4USA has now been taken into FBI custody for his J6 reporting

Watch: pic.twitter.com/OF9WVh26ER

— TheBlaze (@theblaze) March 1, 2024

The Blaze contributor Steve Baker

Nearly three years after the January 6, 2021 fedsurrection, Blaze reporter Steve Baker reported in December that he will be charged for his actions that day reporting live on the event.

Steve wrote in October 2023 that he was under investigation for the past two years by Chris Wray’s FBI for reporting at the historic protests in Washington DC.

Even reporters aren’t safe from this tyrannical regime. Steve expected to be charged by the Biden regime.

BREAKING My attorney has just been notified by @FBI that I am going to be charged by @TheJusticeDept for my journalistic efforts on #Jan6. I have to self-surrender on Tuesday. Charges are yet unknown. Stay tuned for more information to follow this afternoon.

— Steve Baker – TPC (@TPC4USA) December 14, 2023

Steve Baker detailed his experiences that day in an earlier report.  Then, in February 2021, he began questioning the role others may have played in the protests and rioting that day. This was clearly off limits.

The left-wing Sedition Hunters compiled a rather impressive spreadsheet of all types of journalists, with designations of “Interior (Breach),” “Interior (Press Corps),” and “Restricted Grounds” assigned to 160 different “confirmed” journalists, and an additional spreadsheet tab listing 45 “unconfirmed” reporters and videographers.
This was too much for the Biden regime who had him arrested by the FBI agents earlier this month.

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