The war in Ukraine is still mobilizing power players across the European continent, but there is no consensus over it, not even among its neighbors.

Take the Visegrad Group (V4), for example. The V4 is a regional cooperation group between the four Central European countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

These countries are united by history, traditions, cultural values. But what they are NOT united by right now is by their geopolitical response to the war.

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A deep division has set over how to resolve Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The V4 foreign ministers met today (21) in Prague and discussed a Czech plan to acquire ammunition from third countries outside the European Union for Ukraine.

Associated Press reported:

“’It’s necessary to boost support for Ukraine in all areas including military assistance’, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky said.”

The Czech plan is to acquire 800,000 artillery shells for Kiev, with the first shells delivered to Ukraine around June.

Eighteen countries have allegedly joined the initiative.

V4 Foreign Ministers in Prague: Poland’s Radek Sikorski, Czech Jan Lipavsky, Hungary’s Peter Szijjarto and Slovakian Juraj Blanar.

The reactions were exactly what you would expect. Poland is all for it, but Hungary and Slovakia will not take part.

Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski called the Czech plan an ‘excellent idea.’

“‘We’re very happy to contribute,’ he said. Sikorski said Poland would contribute funds as well as help deliver the ammunition to the front.”

The foreign ministers of Hungary and Slovakia abided by their strict refusal to provide arms to Ukraine.

“’Hungary has not and will not send any weapons to Ukraine’, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said.

Slovakia’s view has not changed because ‘the conflict doesn’t have a military solution’, its foreign minister, Juraj Blanar, said.”

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We learn from this episode that the same MSM informational massacre that was unleashed on Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán is about to be aimed at Slovakia’s Robert Fico, for his lack of compliance with the Globalist plan.

Politico reporting said the quiet part out loud: “Prime Minister Robert Fico is becoming a problem.”

Yes, here they come.

“From attempts to control the public media to the abolition of a special prosecutor’s office and parroting Russian propaganda, Slovakia’s ruling coalition is taking pages out of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s playbook when it comes to illiberal views.”

And, as we know, ‘illiberal views’ is for them the ultimate crime – a sin, even.

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