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A TikTok video going viral captures the moment a deranged woman had an insane meltdown aboard an airline while other passengers laughed at her and cops tried to remove her.

The footage captures an incident on a Spirit plane from March 23 which was in the process of taking off from Las Vegas. TMZ notes it’s unclear what led to the meltdown to begin with.

The passenger, who is wearing a sleeveless sweater, a gold necklace, and sporting a giant Afro, is seen resisting officers’ attempts to apprehend her throughout the video.

The video starts with two police officers giving her a final warning while she sobs. She snaps when one officer attempts to grab her out of the seat.

“Stop! I can walk out on my own. Why are you doing that? Why are you acting like I’m a rascal?” she screams.

Fellow passengers start laughing and film her upon hearing this. The suspect then inquires: “Can I do it on my own? All I care about is freedom!”



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When one officer calmly tells her she is under arrest, she retorts: “That’s fine. I’ve f**king been there before,” while looking around the plane like a possessed, bug-eyed demon.

The woman then raises her voice to claim that the cop was twisting her elbows and dropped the N-word in the process.

“This sh*t hurts my elbow; it’s hurting my wrist!” while making sounds reminiscent of someone undergoing an exorcism.

She then shouts, “You’re hurting me, sheriff! You’re hurting me, sheriff, before repeatedly screaming, “I can’t breathe; why are you touching my leg?”

She turns to other passengers and yells, “This is George Floyd!” One passenger can be heard yelling at her to get off the plane.

The woman continues shouting, “I can’t breathe,” even though no hands are near her throat.

She later slaps one of the officer’s hands away when they become more assertive in trying to get her off the plane. Everyone onboard reportedly had to deplane for the police to deal with the deranged woman, according to TMZ.

It’s unknown at this time what the woman was arrested for and the charges she is facing.

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