Renowned Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, France’s globalist president Emmanuel Macron took a massive gamble calling for a snap election following an enormous defeat in the EU elections earlier last month.

Now, his bet has officially blown up in his face as Marine Le Pen’s right-wing party,RN,  won the first round of legislative elections.

The lefties responded by taking to the streets to riot. 

Now, renowned Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld has come out publicly to urge Jews to support France’s right-wing party.

ABC News reports:

But Klarsfeld told The Associated Press in an interview at his Paris apartment that the far-left France Unbowed party has militant pro-Palestinian supporters and “antisemitic overtones,” while Le Pen’s party supports Israel and Jewish people.

“Marine Le Pen is the head of a party which supports Israel and supports the Jews,” Klarsfeld said in the interview Tuesday. “So we gave this advice to those who will be faced with this runoff between the far left and what used to be the far right, which for us is now a populist party, to vote for the right,” he said.

Klarsfeld continued, “I fear the far left. The far left has a deep-seated hatred of Israel and has … militants who are pro-Palestinians.”

In the months following the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, pro-Hamas mobs have repeatedly taken to the French streets to cheerlead for terrorists.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Khaled Mashal, the former leader and founding member of Hamas, called for a global Muslim uprising in support of Palestine. During a recent address posted on YouTube, Mashal emphasized the need for Muslims to sacrifice and carry Jihad, including the willingness to offer their blood and souls to advance the Palestinian cause.

In response, thousands of Muslims took to the streets to protest for Hamas in Paris.

Le Pen herself has been vocal with the concerns about the changes that have happened to her country as French culture is smothered.

In 2017, she refused to go to a meeting with Lebanon’s top cleric for Sunny Muslims after being told she must wear a headscarf.

Marine Le Pen refuses to go into a meeting with Lebanon’s top cleric for Sunni Muslims after she is handed a veil.

“I will not wear a veil/hijab, you can pass on my message to Grand Mufti.”

— Daily Reports (@dailyreportsx) July 3, 2024

She has warned that the push for Islamist fundamentalism in France is a major danger to their freedoms.

Marine Le Pen: “There is a push for Islamist fundamentalism in France, which is helped by the political class. It is a major danger for our freedoms. I find the veiling of little girls appalling. It puts us all on the verge of nausea.”

Do you agree with her?

— Cillian (@CilComLFC) July 2, 2024


« Si j’ai le choix entre LFI et le RN je voterais sans hésitation pour le RN. »
Serge Klarsfeld

— Damien Rieu (@DamienRieu) June 15, 2024

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