Guest post by Illinois patriots Terry Newsome and Paul Drabik

Illinois GOP Chairman Don Tracy (on left) and Senate Minority Leader John Curran (on right)

RINO (Republican in Name Only) is a description of a Republican who claims the moniker for party affiliation but works against the principles and values of Republicanism in terms of  policy prescription. Terry Newsome and Paul Drabik of Behind Enemy Lines podcast have been fighting for conservative values in Illinois since Covid hit. The Gateway Pundit has previously reported on their efforts to expose the illegal immigration crisis in Illinois as they partnered with Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice. Newsome was also named in a petition to keep Joe Biden off the Illinois ballot. In early March Newsome and Drabik held a sold out, standing room only fundraiser for MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on the Southside of Chicago. Underlying their unwavering stand against the left has been an insidious foe on the so-called right. In Illinois the Republicans tend to be more Democrat than Republican.

As many Americans are aware, there is a long running Communist insurrection – a real insurrection – in effect across the country. Nowhere is this truth  more apparent than in the Prairie State. Ironically, the home of Abraham Lincoln has become a testing laboratory for the introduction of Communist style legislation. Lawmakers such as Anne Stava-Murray, a state representative of the 81st district, openly praise communists like Caesar Chavez on social media.

Representatives like Stava-Murray sponsor legislation at the state level that is openly violative of the Constitution. It may seem like hyperbole to assert that states like Illinois, California, or New York are Communist states but if you want to test that assertion just look to the legislation being proposed and enacted into law. In Illinois for example, Democrats have either proposed or made laws such as (links embedded):

Licensing the State to propagandize (calling it “Book Ban Bill”)
Allowing the State to take custody of children if parents intervene regarding gender affirming care
Allowing non-citizens to become police officers 
Requiring landlords to rent or sell to illegals

Criminalizing parents interfering with gender affirming services, lowering the bar for consent of a minor, and protecting service providers who operated in “Good Faith” – (Not Ratified)
Mandatory mental health screenings in schools
Mandating all gender restrooms in businesses
Mandating all businesses pay workers 40 hours of leave

The First and Second Amendments are currently under assault with a second amendment violation headed to the Supreme Court. Illinois enacted over 30 pages of new legislation in 2024! This is what happens when a corrupted Democrat party gains super-majority control.

Where are the Republicans in all of this you may ask? For starters, the party is led by an heir to the Dot Foods, food redistribution empire. Don Tracy, Chairman of the Illinois GOP and born with a silver spoon, has apparently had a change of heart over the years. Tracy ran, unsuccessfully, for Illinois State Senate as a DEMOCRAT. Tracy was forced to step down as the Illinois Gaming Board Chairman in 2019 for making improper campaign contributions. More to come on Tracy later.

Jussie Smollett upper left; Former Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx, on right

In Illinois, the RINO problem leaks all the way down to the local level. DuPage County is directly west of Cook County and has long been a stronghold for Republicans. In fact, 2022 saw the first ever Democrat – Deb Conroy – voted in as DuPage County Chairman. Conroy had some help in achieving that feat. Former Republican members of the DuPage County board Don Puchalski and Sam Tornatore both donated to Deb Conroy’s campaign. They did not stop there however. Both RINOs also donated to the radical Soros funded prosecutor of Cook County, Kim Foxx. Foxx, famous for letting Jussie Smollett off the hook, has also reigned during an unprecedented spike of crime in Chicago during her tenure. She is directly responsible for the recidivism of violent criminals who have gone on to commit murders including child victims. Unsurprisingly, Conroy appointed Puchalski to a paid position at the DuPage County airport.

The list goes on for Illinois Republicans. There’s Pete DiCianni who is now running as a Democrat for DuPage County recorder stating that, “…the ideology of the Republican Party of DuPage is one I can no longer support.” This after his marketing firm accepted over $1,300 from the Democrat chairman’s campaign. Then there’s  representatives Amy Grant and Jennifer Sanilitro who voted for non-citizens to become police officers. Let’s not forget former State GOP Chairman Pat Brady endorsed radical leftist Sean Casten for U.S. Congress over a candidate he saw as being too close to Trump. Casten has since advocated for pornography in schools. 

Saving the best for last we come to the State Senate Minority leader John Curran. As a Republican, Curran ran unopposed in 2022. It’s no wonder that he was unchallenged when he voted and advocated for a union friendly bill that will assuredly drain Illinois taxpayers in perpetuity. Curran voted for Amendment 1 to the Illinois Constitution. Positioned as a Union friendly bill, Amendment 1 is the assured path to Communism in Illinois. Authorizing plenary power for public unions in the Illinois Constitution, the Amendment gives unions the Constitutional protection to collectively bargain to “…protect their economic welfare and safety at work.” This broad terminology has emboldened the Chicago Teachers Union in an attempt to abuse this power by proposing a 100% increase in the state budget to, among other things, pay for housing for its members. 

Communism in Illinois is here.

The Democrats are only following the natural progression of a political system that has become solely based on the will to power. In that system, the lack of will from an opposition becomes most dangerous. RINOs are the biggest problem Illinois faces.

For even more detail of the corruption and deceit look for the second installment of RINOs in Illinois. 

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