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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R) has been accused of using a second, less-known X account to share her unfiltered opinions on the GOP presidential primary ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

This burner account, @Kimberl26890376, has been active since September 2021 and was utilized to endorse Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida while offering criticisms of former President Donald Trump, according to a recent investigation by The New York Times.

This revelation comes as a surprise as Reynolds has publicly endorsed Gov. DeSantis, positioning herself as a significant influencer in the lead-up to the highly anticipated Iowa caucuses.

However, the activity from the obscure account paints a picture of a governor unafraid to share her candid thoughts behind a veil of relative anonymity.

The account in question was created in September 2021 but has flown under the radar with just 259 followers, many of whom are key political figures in Iowa. Despite its low profile, the content has been anything but inconspicuous.

Recently, @Kimberl26890376 reposted a DeSantis supporter’s meme contrasting DeSantis’ family-friendly image with a photo of Trump at a lavish party, captioned with “The contrast is overwhelming…”

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The burner account is not officially linked to her verified or official gubernatorial accounts.

The Times noted that the 58 posts, most of which have been made in the lead-up to the primary, have consistently promoted DeSantis while offering sharp criticisms of Trump and other Republican candidates.

For example, she shared a post last November likening Trump’s expected loyalty to the desires of a monarch rather than a president.

“Trump has no loyalty but demands it from everyone else. That’s FEALTY. Which makes sense because these people want a king.”

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This information has not been independently verified by The Gateway Pundit at this time.

At the time of reporting, the mentioned burner account has been suspended by the X platform, citing a violation of their policies.

The specific policy violated by the account remains unclear, but impersonation is against X’s rules.

“Accounts that pose as another person, group, or organization in a confusing or deceptive manner may be permanently suspended under X’s misleading and deceptive identities policy.”

As of now, Governor Reynolds’ office has remained silent on the matter.

Screenshot: @Kimberl26890376/X

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