Israel’s Iron Dome system has been activated in response to a significant barrage of Iranian ballistic missiles, with the system actively shooting down numerous Iranian suicide drones over Jerusalem.

It was reported earlier that the suicide drones still have a long way to go to reach Israel through Iraq and Syria.

This defensive response comes amidst reports of loud explosions echoing through the area as warning sirens wail across the city, signaling the gravity of the situation.

Sirens sounding across Israel

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) April 13, 2024

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) disclosed in a press conference held on Saturday that Iran has launched a staggering total of over 100 drones and more than 100 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) targeting Israel. This aggressive action has prompted a swift and coordinated defense effort, showcasing the Iron Dome’s capabilities in real-time.

As the Iron Dome system engages the incoming threats, the skies over Jerusalem have become a battleground for technological warfare, with the Israeli system proving to be a crucial shield against the Iranian offensive.

WATCH via i24News:

WATCH: Israeli interceptions near Jerusalem amid Iranian attack

— i24NEWS English (@i24NEWS_EN) April 13, 2024

More videos from Emily Schrader of YNetNews:

Islamic republic suicide drones and missiles incoming over Israeli territory and being shot down by the IDF.

Am yisrael chai

— Emily Schrader – אמילי שריידר امیلی شریدر (@emilykschrader) April 13, 2024

More missiles and rockets fired by the Islamic republic over Jerusalem area. The Islamic republic has launched a war on the state of Israel. Big mistake on their part.

Down with the Islamic Republic

— Emily Schrader – אמילי שריידר امیلی شریدر (@emilykschrader) April 13, 2024

The Islamic republic’s attack over Israel.

— Emily Schrader – אמילי שריידר امیلی شریدر (@emilykschrader) April 13, 2024

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