Just before the jury returned a guilty verdict in corrupt Judge Juan Merchan’s kangaroo court, without even specifying what crime President Trump committed, Fox News host Jesse Watters highlighted serious concerns about communist New York Judge Juan Merchan.

Watters: There’s something very fishy about how Judge Mershon came to preside over this case. There are 24 sitting judges who were supposed to be randomly selected from to take this case.

Judge Merchan wasn’t even on the list of judges.

He’s an acting judge.

And he’s not just a Biden donor. Judge Merchan donated to the Progressive Turnout Project and to an organization called Stop Trump, and he never recused himself.

Judge Merchan was allegedly randomly selected for the Trump Hush Money case, the Trump Organization Fraud case, and for the Steve Bannon case.

This is almost statistically impossible that an acting judge, not within the pool of sitting judges, who happens to be a stopped Trump donor, is randomly selected to all three of these Trump cases within the same year. It’s probably another conspiracy theory.

Just like the resistance left, fell in love with Fauci, Mueller, and Avenadi, they now have a man crush on Merchan.

MSNBC Clip: With respect to Judge Merchan,I felt like a man crush on him. He is, he’s such a great judge that it’s hard to see that the jurors wouldn’t have the same impression. You just keep on thinking, if you looked in a dictionary for judicial temperament, that’s what you get.

Watters: Judicial temperament? He kicked everybody out of a courtroom so he could yell at a defense witness who rolled his eyes and then threatened to throw the former President of the United States in jail for talking.

The judge is throwing a tantrum inside the courthouse, and the sitting President sends actors to throw tantrums outside the courthouse. He let a porn star suggest she was sexually assaulted and then told the jury, Oops, pretend you didn’t hear that. And then let Michael Cohen sell the jury anti-Trump T-shirts from the witness stand. No one knows what the heck is going on.

President Trump: The confusion is, nobody knows what the crime is because there’s no crime. Nobody knows what the crime is. The DA didn’t name the crime. They don’t know what the crime is. That’s what the problem is. It’s a disgrace, this thing, were to be ended immediately. The judge ought to end it and save his reputation.

Watters: The defendant has a constitutional right to know the crime he’s being charged with. You can’t tell him on the last day, and you can’t tell the jury the crime on the last day either.

And if the judge, witnesses, and the crowd can’t control their emotions, how can we expect the jury to put their emotions aside and use reason to decide this case?


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