Senator John Kennedy (R-LA)

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) spoke with reporters on the growing chaos in the Middle East.

Iranian-backed factions have launched 166 attacks on US forces in the Middle East since September.

Senator Kennedy unloaded on Joe Biden, saying Biden needs to grow a pair of oranges.

Senator John Kennedy: Switching gears quickly to Iran, President Biden said that he has decided how to respond to those attacks that left three Americans dead. I’m wondering, how do you think that the administration should be.

President Biden needs to grow a pair of oranges and open Iran up like a soft peanut. Now the American can – Our military has been attacked 150 times. We’ve only responded a couple of times. We’re in a bar fight. President Biden needs to stop quoting Sacrates and reading Beowulf to the ayatollahs. These are hard men and they want to kill Americans and they want to kill Jews and they want to drink our blood out of a boot. And we have to respond accordingly. Got to go to committee CEO, senator.

Via Midnight Rider.

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