Guest post by Tara Reads’s attorney, Dr. Jonathan Levy

Tara Reade, the Joseph Biden sexual abuse victim though her London based attorney, Dr. Jonathan Levy, has filed a tort complaint with the United States Department of Justice seeking $10 million in damages for invasion of privacy, emotional distress and violation of state and federal constitutional rights.

Tara Reade was sexually victimized by then Senator Joseph Biden in 1993. Her case was suppressed by Congressional investigators to protect Senator Biden and the records remain sealed.

When Tara spoke out again in 2019, she was immediately subjected to an ongoing FBI Operation to revictimize her a second time. The FBI Operation “Cassandra” was opened in order to retaliate, intimidate, discredit and if possible, eliminate Tara as a threat to President Biden. The tort complaint provides the details.

Last month, Ms. Reade requested the Department of Justice invesitgate violations of her civil rights by the FBI and to turn over and expunge her file. According to her lawyer, Dr. Jonathan Levy, DOJ has not responded and the FBI has not handed over TaraReade’s FBI file.

Tara Reade is now requesting $10 million in damages from the FBI which Levy states is justified given the recent much larger speech related judgments against Rudy Giuliani and former president Donald Trump.

Dr. Levy stated: “The United States should not have a two tiered justice system, if President Trump and Mr. Giuliani can be assessed tens of millions in damages for their words; a weaponized FBI that seeks to silence, intimidate and eliminate Joe Biden’s victim, Tara Reade, must also be held accountable; failing to do so means our justice and legal system has become an instrument of political oppression and suppression.

A copy of the entire complaint may be downloaded here:

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