Joe Biden on Thursday swung by Cook Out restaurant in Raleigh to order burgers and milkshakes after he delivered a 22-minute speech on high-speed internet.

Biden arrived in Raleigh, North Carolina on Thursday to deliver remarks on ‘Bidenomics’ at Abbott’s Creek Community Center.

Biden announced $82 million in new investments in North Carolina from the “American Rescue Plan’s (ARP) Capital Projects Fund to connect an additional 16,000 North Carolina homes and businesses to high-speed internet” according to the White House.

After mumbling through a short speech, Joe Biden headed over to Cook Out restaurant in Raleigh.

According to the White House, Joe Biden ordered a bacon cheeseburger, French fries and a ‘black & white’ milkshake.

81-million vote recipient Joe Biden walked up to the restaurant and virtually no one cared. No supporters were lining the streets and no crowd formed to catch a glimpse of the most popular president in US history.


Biden is ordering milkshakes at Cook Out restaurant in Raleigh, NC

— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) January 18, 2024

Biden’s visit to Cook Out actually backfired when a North Carolina state senator pointed out the shocking change in menu prices thanks to Bidenflation.

“Thanks to #Bidenomics, a Cook Out tray costs 28% more than it did three years ago when Biden had his previous photo op,” North Carolina Senate leader Phil Berger’s office said on X with a side-by-side photo of Biden’s photo ops.

Three years ago a Cook Out tray cost $5.99 and today that same tray cost $7.69 thanks to Bidenflation.

Thanks to #Bidenomics, a Cook Out tray costs 28% more than it did three years ago when Biden had his previous photo op. #ncpol

— Senator Berger Press Shop (@SenBergerPress) January 18, 2024

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