Julio Baquero

Just last month, April 2024, Julio Baquero was nearing the tail end of his 18-month Prison sentence for disorderly conduct on January 6th when he found out he was diagnosed with Stage 4 gastric cancer.

While he awaited the judge to grant an emergency motion to release him home, his high school sweetheart and the 3 loving children they share together (ages 10, 11, and 20) waited in suspense to see how the judge would rule to compassionately release him.

Back before Julio was born, his parents fled the grips of Socialism from Venezuela and came to America, where they gave birth to him in Los Angeles, CA. When he was just 6 years old, his father walked out on his mother, leaving her with 3 children on her own to work multiple jobs and sometimes living in the car and attending food banks at local churches, but always put God and her kids first.

She taught them how great America was and about the dangers of Socialism. Julio grew up very proud to be an American. Loving the flag and country music.

**Please help Julio and his family here.**

At age 10, he and his family moved to the free state of Florida. After working hard for many years, Julio’s mother was finally able to purchase her first house and the American Dream when he was just 14 years old.

At age 19, Julio and his high-school sweetheart had their first child. A baby boy, who carries his name forward as Julio Baquero, III. They would go on to have 2 more children. As a loving father working to support his family, Julio moved on from being a fiberglass specialist on large ships to being a staircase technician. When the “Plandemic” hit, just like his mom worked hard to take care of him and his siblings, Julio began driving for Uber to continue taking care of his family, while putting God and his kids first.

At the Rally in Washington, DC on January 6th, Julio walked into the Capitol and walked out moments later with the door being held open by the Capitol police.

Several months after, Julio and his family would be awakened by the FBI, at gunpoint, with over a dozen agents at their door. Guns were pointed at his children and his oldest son was placed in handcuffs (a mere 18 years old at the time and did not attend the Rally).

This dedicated family man, father of 3, and little league volunteer coach of 13 years with no criminal history was now being threatened with 5-8 years in Federal prison if he did not sign the plea deal that was presented to him.

For 2 years Julio’s judge was handing out 6 – 8 month sentences for the same thing Julio pleaded guilty to, however at his sentencing, the judge said “I need to make an example out of someone” and he chose Juilo to do this. He sentenced him to 18 months in prison for what most people, if not all, get probation for.

**Please help Julio and his family here.**

It doesn’t stop here; it gets worse for Julio. This proud father of 3, as of last month, while serving time in prison and only a few months left before going home, was diagnosed with Stage 4 gastric cancer. Over many long months of incarceration, since Julio’s arrest, his high-school sweet heart has been waiting for him to come home and she has been bearing the total load with the house and children and covering commissary for Julio while imprisoned. Now, instead of rejoicing to have Julio returning home as a full-time father, the family faces astronomical medical bills to help save Julio’s health. The path forward consists of lost time at work, time spread thin between taking care of the children, the house and being support for Julio in the hospital.

They need help in a dire way.

Fortunately, the judge ruled favorably for Julio to be compassionately released from prison very shortly after his diagnosis. Unfortunately, during the short month and a half since he was released, he has been hospitalized several times, where he has sustained two procedures just to stabilize him.

A little over a week ago he had lost so much weight that he was too weak to start chemo to treat the cancer and the hospital needed to get his levels good enough to begin chemo. In this last week he has gone thru his 1st treatment and is still hospitalized under careful watch by doctors.

The road ahead is rocky and Julio’s high school sweetheart will continue to bear the load, but standing strong in their faith with the Lord.

This family needs our help and we get to show up in their time of need. This is a call to “We the People” to show up for this faith-based family. They have been doing this all on their own for long enough.

A fundraiser has been made by their oldest son, Julio Baquero, III here.

His son shared:

“I’ve put this fund together to help my J6er dad fight Stage 4 Cancer.  He’s been incarcerated since Aug 2023 for his presence at the Capital on January 6th.  He was non-violent, and much like many others, he walked around as a tourist.  This month (April 2024) we found out he’s diagnosed at Stage 4 and our family needs help with this situation that is financially devastating.  We are exploring the medical costs and will update here once we have a clear vision.  In the meantime, our family needs assistance with home expenses and daily living.  We appreciate any help, every dollar counts no matter how small.  God is good and we are keeping my dad in our prayers and we ask if you can do anything at all, is pray for him.  Thank you so much. God Bless.”

Please consider giving what you can to help this patriot, his high school sweetheart and their 3 children.

Please pray for them and share this story with others.

May God bless Julio, his family and the USA.

**Please help Julio and his family here.**

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