Kevin O’Leary joins Fox & Friends Weekend

Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary, joined Fox & Friends Weekend and shared bad news for the terrorist apologist protestors throwing tantrums on college campuses across the nation.

He warned that  high-tech AI is capturing everyone, and their behavior will “come back to haunt you.”

Pete Hegseth: Anarchy on college campuses continuing through the weekend with student activists pushing their pro-Hamas sentiments. And now, Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary is sounding off with a word of caution for those agitators. O’Leary warning that student protesters are’ trashing their job chances,’ adding them when it comes to their futures, ‘they are screwed.’ Shark Tank investor and O’Leary Ventures’ chair, Kevin O’Leary, is here with us now.

Kevin, thanks for being here. Why are they screwed? Is it because a lot of them are wearing masks, they’re trying to hide their identity. Do you think that’ll work?

Kevin O’Leary: It used to work back in the ’60s and ’70s because it was only recorded on 16-millimeter film. Today, all of this video security cameras are at a 1080p and 4K resolution. Extremely high resolution that allows you to use AI protocols to identify people by the iris or just a partial exposure of the face.

Do you ever wonder how they captured every single person that marched on the hill in the insurgents? Now, whether they were arrested or not didn’t matter, but every single individual on that hill eventually was identified using this AI technology today, it’s very available. It’s inexpensive.

And I use it as an employer every time we have a candidate in the executive suite. We do a deep dive and we find out where you came… We’re looking for what you say on your resume matching your reality of your life.

Obviously, I don’t care what side you’re on in the protest, but if you’re fighting police, burning flags, wrecking properties, breaking in, breaking through windows, I’m going to know that. And so is the government, so is everybody else. So think about that. That’s all I’m telling these young people.

Think about it because it’s not free.

Pete Hegseth:Do you think they’re thinking about it or do they think this will pay off? I mean, everything in their incentive structure, Kevin, in academia says become an activist, agitate. That’s what their universities are telling them to do. Wouldn’t they want their best opportunities in mind?

Kevin O’Leary: Well, universities and the concept of tenor for professors is allowing people with different thoughts and ideas to flourish. That’s what our institutions are all about. But I’m just going back to a simple fact. When you break the law of the land, you become a criminal.

If you think by putting a mask on or wearing sunglasses is going to protect you, it doesn’t. That’s all I’m telling you. I think when you’re in your 20s, you’re very passionate, and Everybody get that and everybody goes through that process. But think about it. Think about what happens next. In 10 years, why didn’t you get that job? Why didn’t you get on that board? Why can’t you get a loan?

I’m telling you why right now, because I saw you do it, and you lied to me on your resume that you never broke the law. Well, you did. Whether you get caught or not doesn’t matter to me as an employer. That’s why you should really think this through. I teach this in colleges now. The world has changed because we have AI and we’ve got high-resolution imagery, and it’s being captured every day, and it goes on the dark web within 48 hours. I can see it anytime I want.


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