Kid Rock’s father Bob Ritchie Sr. recently passed away after a battle with cancer.

President Trump responded to the news of Bob Ritchie’s passing.

“Bill Ritchie, Sr., the wonderful father of Bob, sometimes referred to as Kid Rock, recently passed away after a long and brave fight with a nasty competitor, cancer. I got to know Bill very well over the last three years, and he was something special, a very successful guy, but family was far more important than that success. He was a fabulous father, grandfather, and great grandfather, but also, a man with tremendous vision, talent, and style, and a real character! My condolences to the whole family. Bill will be greatly missed.” Trump said on Truth Social.

Kid Rock responded to Trump’s tribute.

“Thank you Mr. President. He was a huge supporter as you know, loved what you stand for, and always looked forward to spending time with you. Many will never get to know you like I have on a personal / friendship level, but let this be a testament to how great a man, father and friend you are! God Bless you and RIP Dad. -Kid Rock”

Singer Kid Rock is a staunch Trump supporter. He recently told Tucker Carlson that Trump is the greatest president we’ve ever had.

“He had this country firing on all cylinders while he was in office,” Kid Rock said of Trump.

Kid Rock called Trump “the toughest son of a bitch on earth.”

In December Trump, Dana White and Kid Rock walked in to watch a UFC fight and the crowd went wild.


BREAKING: Trump, Dana White and Kid Rock walk in to watch the Colby Covington v. Leon Edwards fight


— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) December 17, 2023

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