Joe Biden’s America.

Video obtained by Fox News Reporter Bill Melugin showed a group of illegal aliens dressed in camouflage walking through a remote part of the Arizona desert more than 70 miles inland from the border.

The remote area is known as Gila Bend which is approximately 70 miles from the southern border. The footage was obtained by a contact of Melugin’s who was hunting in the area.

Border Patrol was notified but there was no confirmation if the illegals were detained.

“This is about an hour southwest of Phoenix. This is what “gotaways” look like,” Bill Melugin said.


NEW: A contact who was hunting in the hills near Gila Bend, AZ today sent me this video of a group of illegal immigrants all dressed in camouflage moving through the brush. Gila Bend is more than *70 miles* inland from the AZ border. They were deep into AZ without apprehension.…

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) January 20, 2024

Illegal aliens dressed in camouflaged clothing (likely cartel smugglers) are becoming the norm thanks to Joe Biden’s open borders policies.

Recall that an Arizona rancher was charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault after he shot and killed an illegal alien who trespassed on his property.

Rancher George Alan Kelly fired warning shots after he saw a group of men dressed in camouflaged clothing point an AK-47 right at him.

Kelly, 74, was arrested for killing Gabriel Cuen-Butimea, on his Arizona ranch in Kino Springs just outside of Nogales, Mexico on January 30.

Rancher George Alan Kelly

According to reports, Gabriel Cuen-Butimea has a history of illegally crossing into the United States and multiple deportations.

George Alan Kelly was careful to shoot above their heads, the lawyers said.

The rancher later discovered the deceased illegal alien, who is likely a cartel smuggler, when he went to go check on his horse.

An estimated 11 million illegals – mainly military-age males – have crossed into the U.S since Biden was installed in January 2021.

And that number keeps growing.

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