A migrant caravan marching to the US in 2022. It is likely these people are now inside the US.

Elections have consequences.
Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

Joe Biden is asking Mexican President Lopex Obrador for assistance in curbing the invasion of illegal aliens into the US southern border. Over 10 million illegals have walked across the border into the United States since Joe Biden took over. Last month, December, saw a new record with over 300,000 illegals making it into the United States from Mexico.

This is a catastrophic invasion fulling caused and supported by the Democrat Party and the weak Republicans who refuse to protect their country.

This comes after President Trump record reduction in illegal migration into the US during his four years in office.

According to NBC News Joe Biden is worried about the border because it “hurting his polling numbers” – not because the invasion represents the destruction of the United States.

The Biden administration is asking Mexico to help curb the huge flow of migrants into the U.S., as Biden runs out of options to fix a problem that is hurting his polling. https://t.co/8d1lO5tPp6

— NBC News (@NBCNews) January 8, 2024

According to FOX News reporter Bill Melugin, President Obrador wants $20 billion for Latin America and he is demanding that Biden give at least 10 million illegal aliens legal status in America in order to help.

This never would have happened under President Trump.

What would MX want in return?

“[Mexico] called on the US to approve a plan that would deploy $20 billion to Latin American & Caribbean countries, remove all sanctions against Venezuela & grant at least 10 million Hispanics living in the US the right to remain and work legally.” https://t.co/OCa06V4qFw

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) January 8, 2024

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