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‘Are anticipating he’s going to win’

President Donald Trump has yet to be named the GOP nominee for president for the fall election. And then there’s the campaigning, debates if Democrats allow the “diminished” Joe Biden to participate, and the election.

But a number of NATO leaders believe they know what will happen: they’re making tracks to Trump.

“These leaders are anticipating that Trump’s gonna win,” Kurt Volker, a former ambassador to NATO, told the Washington Examiner.

“And so, they also want to reestablish relationships.” He also said there’s a lot of concern among European leaders about Biden’s failure so far to orchestrate more American support for Ukraine, which is fighting a war against an invading Russia.

The most recent visitor, the report explained, was Polish President Andrzej Duda, who “joined the list of foreign leaders beating a path to Donald Trump’s door this week.”

“It was a friendly meeting in a very nice atmosphere,” Duda explained to media in his home country.

The report noted Trump also described the visitor as a “friend.”

And he said, “We’re behind Poland all the way.”

That was reassuring, the report explained, to European leaders who watch “with alarm” the declining poll numbers for Biden.

The report noted Duda is “at least the third European leader to travel to the United States to visit Trump, following British Foreign Secretary David Cameron — himself a former prime minister — and Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary.”

Biden’s State Department has been trying to downplay the visits, explaining that foreign governments often “engage with the nominees of major parties.”

And “engage” is what a number have sought.

“We see that the functioning of the U.S. has been paralyzed towards Ukraine, and Trump has influence even if he’s not in power — even if he’s under criminal investigation — he’s influencing what is happening or not happening,” the report explained was the conclusion of a “senior European official.”

The dilemma facing European leaders is their hope that Biden will be able to get something done regarding Ukraine, but their impression that they will need to fall into line behind Trump in the event he is elected.

Ex-NATO strategist Stefanie Babst told the Examiner, “They will try not to upset the Biden administration too much, but their greater concern is that they haven’t even had a chance to speak to Trump to get a personal impression of what the guy is really up to. To me, [the visits are] a sign of despair.”

Babst noted that what Biden has “decided” in dealing with Ukraine and Russia is “not working.”

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