FBI agents guard President Trump’s home during an unprecedented raid by Biden DOJ.

A never-before-seen memo has exposed a secret Obama administration program that blows up the pretext behind the Biden regime’s sinister raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home back in 2022.

As Gateway Pundit readers know, the Regime authorized the unwarranted storming of the Mar-A-Lago supposedly because Trump had taken classified documents from the White House and was refusing to hand them over. They were even willing to assassinate the 45th president to obtain the materials.

But America First Legal has exposed the Regime’s claim as a lie. They released a Department of Defense (DOD) memo on Thursday from the White House unveiling that the DOD has been “operating and maintaining the information resources and information systems provided to the President, Vice President, and Executive Office of the President (EOP).”

The White House created and very likely maintains information technology that enforces Obama’s executive order so presidents can store their records on DOD servers without them getting exposed.

According to America First Legal, the Biden regime has preserved and retained all EOP records on its servers. Thus, it almost certainly has most, if not all, of Trump’s classified documents.


Credit: America First Legal

Section 2.01 of the memo shows that the White House Communications Agency provides core services related to unclassified records, while section 2.06 shows that the National Security Council offers classified services.

Credit: America First Legal
Credit: America First legal

Section 2.04 of the memo says that all “records created, stored, used, or transmitted by, on, or through the information resources and information systems provided to the President” were stored at the Department of Defense (DOD). As America First Legal notes, this means the White House Communications Agency and the National Security Council at the White House must provide services related to records at the DOD.

Credit; America First Legal

Read the full memo aflf-v-dod-final-response.

America First Legal Vice President Dan Epstein released the following statement:

What America First Legal has uncovered after months of investigative work paints an unfortunate picture of the rule of law in Washington. A former President of the United States – the most democratically accountable officer under our Constitution – was subject to a politicized referral concocted by the Biden White House that led to an armed FBI raid of his home – where his wife and youngest child live – and is now subject to prosecution.

And to now realize that the Biden Administration could have avoided an illegal referral process to recover records the government already possessed, that it could have used normal means to ensure that records the former president believed should be housed in his presidential library (not yet built because of the hordes of investigations aimed at silencing him) were subject to a temporary hold for purposes of Archives’ review — yet didn’t — speaks loudly to America: the law protects only those who follow the norms of one party.

Despite the Biden regime having the ability to determine what documents should be returned to the National Archives, they still gave crooked Jack Smith the authority to green-light a raid on the Mar-a-Lago and put lethal force on the table. This means the lives of Trump and his family were put in danger for bogus reasons.

So what was the Regime’s real reason for the raid?

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