Apple enthusiasts have long awaited the new Apple Vision Pro headset, but new research suggests the new device could potentially “rewire” consumer’s brains.

A new study from Stanford University researchers revealed Apple’s new Vision Pro headsets have the potential to impact brain patterns negatively.

Researchers wrote that wearing the virtual headsets caused “visual aftereffects, lapse in judgments of distance, induce simulator sickness, and interfere with social connection.”

One researcher who participated in the study reported difficulty pressing elevator buttons and bringing food to his mouth after wearing the headset for a few hours.

Apple’s new VR goggles may rewire our brains in some unexpected ways.

— Business Insider (@BusinessInsider) February 11, 2024

Per The Daily Mail:

Apple’s Vision Pro headset could distort reality in new ways, generating a world that looks different for everyone.

In the wake of the Vision Pro’s release, researchers set out to discover what long-term use of a virtual reality headset would do to our cognitive functions, and what they found was alarming.

A team of 11 researchers at Stanford University and Michigan University took turns donning several passthrough headsets, including the Vision Pro, the Quest Pro, the Quest 3, the Varjo XR-3, and various night Vision Goggles.

The so-called ‘passthrough’ technology intermixes the real world with virtual reality that might be somewhat off-center from what we’re used to and can distort our sensory functions and how we move through the world.

Since the release of the new Vision Pro headset, many Apple consumers have donned the pricey headset out in public.


Any presidential candidate who bans the use of Apple Vision Pro in public places will get my vote!

— Pushkar Ranade (@magicsilicon) February 8, 2024

Repairing a car with Apple Vision

— Trafficc (@Ttrafiicckaza) February 10, 2024

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