Ali Bradley, who covers the southern border for NewsNation, interviewed Border Patrol Union president Brandon Judd.

Bradley and Judd discussed the influx of illegals from the Darien Gap and how asylum seekers were not a major factor in these people coming up to the border. Most of them were in poor conditions and wanted to reunite with relatives already in the States, according to DHS documents.

“Why are we repatriating those individuals right when they say we don’t have a valid claim out of their mouth? You’re using way too much common sense. You can’t do that when we are talking about politics. You can’t look at common sense and say hey, how can we stop this when this administration actually wants this crisis to go. That’s what their base support wants. The base support wants open borders.” Brandon Judd said in an interview with Ali Bradley.

“We could do exactly what you just said but it comes down to politics. Why don’t we do it? Politics,” he said.


#EXCLUSIVE Internal documents obtained from CBP sources show that DHS is well aware that migrants coming to the U.S. through the Darién Gap are not asylum seekers.

CBP alongside Panamanian Immigration authorities interviewed hundreds of migrants from several countries and not…

— Ali Bradley (@AliBradleyTV) February 7, 2024

The DHS documents posted to X show that asylum was not a factor in these illegals coming up to the southern border.

The Darien Gap is a very dangerous path that many of the illegals have taken to continue their journey to the southern border of the US. This area is in Central America and connects North and South America.

Many illegals who have taken the journey through the region have experienced terrible conditions and have been exploited by the smugglers who guide them through.

Last June Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice was in the Darien Gap showing how bad the conditions were.

He showed the results of the Biden regime’s open border policies and how this was incentivizing the dangerous trek. The invitation invited dangerous criminals which posed a threat to our country as well as to illegals that were on the journey as well.

In September Ben Bergquam was still reporting from the Darien Gap and featured a story about a pregnant woman that was left to die in the horrific conditions of the jungle.

In December Fox News reporter Bill Melugin asked the illegals lined up in Lukeville, Arizona where they plan on going in the US.

None of the illegals told Bill Melugin that they are seeking asylum! All want to work or link with family, and they expect release, Melugin said.


NEW: I asked some of the men who crossed illegally into Lukeville, AZ where they plan on going in the US? They named off cities all over America.
None of the men we’ve talked to last few days say they are seeking asylum. All want to work or link w/ family, & they expect release.

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) December 7, 2023

The border has become one of the most important topics in the election which favors President Trump over Biden.

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