After Tuesday’s primary win, Rep. Ismail Mohamed delivered his victory speech entirely in Somali.

Following his victory in the Ohio primary on Tuesday,  Rep. Ismail Mohamed, an immigrant from Somalia, delivered his victory speech entirely in Somali without one word of English.

Mohamed’s district in Columbus, Ohio, is home to more than 45,000 Somalis. He campaigned primarily in Somali, promising to “represent the interests of Somalia.”

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Mohamed, the incumbent in the district, defeated fellow Somali immigrant Abdirizak Diini, capturing 55 percent to Diini’s 33 percent.

He said he is running to “ensure every student has access to high-quality, equitable education,” and to advocate for funding to support affordable, accessible housing and secure neighborhoods. He said he would work tirelessly with business and union leaders to ensure all Ohioans “have access to careers, not just jobs.”

Ohio Rep. Ismail Mohamed delivers his victory speech. Not a word of English.

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) March 20, 2024

Ahead of the primary, Mohamed campaigned on a Somali-owned state television network.

Ohio State Rep. Ismail Mohamed (D-Columbus) is campaigning on #Somalia‘s state owned TV for an American election. He said his objective is to lobby for #Somalia, and his first term achievement was naming a Columbus street in honor of a Somali terrorist.

— Nabad iyo Caano (@VancitySam) March 11, 2024

Islamized Ohio: Somalian Muslim Ismail Mohamed won the Democrat race in Ohio’s 3rd district last night, beating Abdirizak Diini.

(Yes, this video is from Islamized Ohio)

A former Somali refugee, Ismail Mohamed is a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, representing…

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Fellow Somali lawmaker Rep. Ilhan Omar also makes sure to let constituents know that America is not her first priority.

Rep. Ilhan Omar refers to the President of Somalia as “our president”

“We have a special relationship. I call him uncle and he calls me his girl.”

“Somalia is our home. It is our heart. We always think about Somalia.”

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) January 30, 2024

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