Farha Khalidi (R), along with fellow ex-Muslim and OnlyFans creator Jazmen Jafar (L)

The Biden regime is all smoke and mirrors.

OnlyFans content creator Farha Khalidi has made waves after claiming on a podcast that she created “political propaganda” ads for the Biden regime on TikTok.

During the interview with political science researcher Richard Hanania on his podcast, Khalidi opened up about her entry into the world of online revenue through TikTok and OnlyFans.

“So you were in school — you were still in college when you started as a TikTok person, right? Or did you start OnlyFans when you were in school, too?” Hanania asked.

“No, I started TikTok, like, the spring semester of my senior year and I was like, ‘F—k, I finally have to start applying for law school,’ and then, like, you know, female privilege: ‘life so easy for a woman.’ Obviously, I lucked out. No, I’m just kidding.”

“[But] I lucked out and then TikTok was basically full-time for me. Like, I was taking ads by the time I graduated college from, like, the Biden administration, Planned Parenthood and, like, dating apps and stuff. So it was, like, fully financially sustaining me,” Khalidi said.

When Hanania pressed Khalidi about her claim of making money from the Biden regime, she openly admitted to creating “political propaganda” content.

“Yeah, I was doing full-on political propaganda,” Khalidi stated during the podcast.

Khalidi recounted being approached to promote then-Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, highlighting her identity as a “brown person” following her nomination to the high court by Biden.

“Yeah, honestly. The funny thing is they’re, like, ‘Do not disclose this as an ad’ because they [were], like, ‘Technically, it’s not a product, so you don’t have to disclose it’s an ad.’ Because I think they just wanted, like, some edgy girl of color to just tell people — like when they nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, they’re, like, ‘Can you say ‘as a person of color,’ you know, that you feel ‘reflected?’”

“It’s, like, a White woman emailing this and she’s giving me this script. And I’m, like, ‘No,’ and she’s like, ‘Please,’ and I’m like, ‘No.’ I’ll talk about the news of it, but I’m not gonna be like — I’m not gonna have a White person tell me to be, like, ‘This is how I feel as a person of color.’ It’s just so — I think that black-pilled me slightly on political propaganda,” she added.

Despite these claims, Khalidi later clarified that a third-party media company was the conduit through which the Biden administration operated.

It’s ironic that a recipient of 81 million votes has to pay people for support.


NEW: OnlyFans creator Farha Khalidi says she was paid by the Biden Administration to spread “political propaganda” & was told to not disclose her videos were ads.

Everything about Biden is fake.

Khalidi says the Biden admin reached out to her because they wanted someone with… pic.twitter.com/CQ40K5IHID

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) April 28, 2024

How many influencers did the Biden administration pay to push their propaganda?

TikTok influencer and de facto Biden spokesperson Harry Sisson was also paid to promote the administration’s messaging.

According to recently uncovered Federal Election Commission data, the Democratic National Committee / DNC Services Corp made payments totalling $210,000 to a social media talent management agency called Palette Media.

Palette Media manages over 60 social media influencers across various platforms including many of the young “activists” with the liberal organization “genzforchange.” This agency also represents two of the largest democratic social media content creators on tiktok, Harry Sisson and Chris Mowrey.

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