A Canadian transgender (biological male) was awarded $35,000 from an Ontario tribunal after a women’s salon refused “male waxing services.”

According to Canadian media, Mad Wax Windsor refused to wax the transgender individual’s legs six years ago. The owner of the salon insisted he didn’t have a staff member trained to provide “male waxing services.”

The owner of the salon, Jason Carruthers, called the ruling “deeply flawed” and vowed to challenge the decision, CBC News reported.

The transgender, only identified under the pseudonym A.B., filed a human rights complaint at the Ontario tribunal and an adjudicator took his side after he claimed the salon owner told him his staffers are not comfortable providing services to “someone like you.”

Carruthers denies he ever said that to the transgender person.

The tribunal ordered the salon to pay the transgender $35,000. In addition to the fine, Carruthers and his staffers must take online reeducation courses.

“The HRTO ordered Carruthers, the salon and another business to pay $35,000 in damages to A.B., plus interest, and that both Carruthers and salon staff undertake online human rights training.” CBC News reported.

In 2019, trans activist Jessica Yaniv sued several business owners in British Columbia after the salons refused to “wax her balls.”

The business owner argued in court over the summer that she was not comfortable “waxing male genitals.”

Yaniv lost his cases against female estheticians who refused to wax his balls.

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